It’s not a secret that I want this website of mine to be visited by as many people as possible. I’m thankful to all my friends who read it, but I don’t rely solely on this kind of traffic. I want my travel articles to be found in search engines. This is why I pay attention to the topics I choose for my stories. As I was doing keyword research for a new travel topic, I stumbled across a term that made me smile: Disneyland crowd calendar.

Thinking back to my one and only visit to a theme park, I recalled the endless minutes I had to do the line for each ride. I was terrified by the prospect of throwing myself down a U-shaped water slide. I was on the verge of giving up, but since I’d spent half an hour of my life to get to the top, I felt my fear, but did it anyway. The sunk cost fallacy proved to be true, although I usually let go of things without being sorry for my investments of time and energy.

Disneyland is huge. Millions of people want to visit it. As there are only 11 Walt Disney parks in the world, you can imagine the crowds and the waiting times, especially during summer holidays. The Disneyland crowd calendar starts to make sense, if you don’t want to travel to Florida only to wait in line for the most popular attractions in the park.
I named Florida in the above example, as it is an illustration of a big traveling effort, since to me this is a far away destination. However, even if I chose Disneyland Paris, which is only a three hour flight from here, I’d still want to avoid those endless lines. As a matter of fact, if I were to travel to Florida, I’d skip amusement parks altogether, as I’d rather see South Beach and swim with the dolphins or visit the Kennedy Space Center to feel like an astronaut for one day.

Anyway, now I understand the sense of consulting a crowd calendar before planning your vacation in such a popular park. I even created this chart, as a result of reading some unusual statistics done on the visitors of Disney Parks.

disney parks facts

It surely takes a lot of people to eat and drink all these quantities. If you want to embed my infographic on your website, here’s the code you need to copy and paste into your article:

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What do you think about theme parks? Would you travel across the globe to visit one of the Walt Disney parks? Which one would you recommend me to go to?

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