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Some travel for food. Others travel for wine. Most of us travel to see the world, to relax, or to experience new adventures. But who travels the world for coffee?

If you do, you should put lots of countries on your bucket list. Mexico, Peru, Ethiopia and Honduras are only a few of  the countries that are well-known for the quality of their coffee beans.

Until you pack your bags to start searching for the best coffee around the world, you can taste some samples in the very comfort of your kitchen.

Destination, a coffee for travelers

DESTINATION – The Bio Coffee Brand that Takes You Where You Want

Destination is the new coffee brand that has just launched in Romania. They sent me some coffee to try it out and to spread the word.

First, let’s see what makes Destination a special coffee.

The story starts in 1999 when one of the founders of the brand wanted to mix the passion for traveling and gastronomy with the desire to offer coffee lovers a coffee recipe as clean as possible, without any preservatives or chemical manufacturing processes. This is how Destination was born.

Carefully selected coffee beans, fair prices to farmers, environment-friendly and sustainable plantations, and slow, artisanal torrefaction are only a few of the features that support the benefits of Destination. The beans come only from well-known sources, famous for the quality of the soil and for the savor of coffee that grows there.

The packaging is done locally, in Bordeaux, France (the location of the torrefaction process). The packages have a special valve that helps maintaining the freshness of the coffee. This can prove to be useful to some, although I like to keep my coffee in airtight glass jars.

The attention to details is the guarantee that you’ll find the same taste and aroma in every single cup of Destination coffee.

Best gift for travelers - a pack of Destination coffee and a themed notebook

Main Topics of Coffee around the World – What’s Your Next Destination?


According to specialists good coffee bears the mark of its place of origin. I’ve got the Mexico variant to try. I hope I’ll remember the taste by the time I visit Mexico. For now, I can only dream about trips to exotic places. Peru and Ethiopia are high on my list, but maybe I’ll add Mexico, too (although I need a motivation other than to taste the local coffee to put up with such a long flight).

coffee airplane pattern

Best Gift for Travelers – A Pack of DESTINATION

If you’re in Romania and you have a friend who travels, you can surprise them with this gift. Add a travel-themed mug and a notebook and you’re done.

You can find this coffee online, on, but also in Equilibrium Mega Image and in Profi Premium shops.

Here are the variants you can find on the Romanian market as of today (there will be more in the future):


SELECTION PUR ARABICA 250G (grains or ground)

MIC DEJUN 250G (ground, great for breakfast)

ORIGINI (Origins)

MEXIC 250G (ground)

Instant Coffee

MIC DEJUN 100G (soluble)

Destination Bie Coffee around the World

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