Travelling is a fantastic way to share fun new experiences with your friends – but it’s not without its challenges.

Away from your home environment and faced with new and unexpected situations, things can easily become tense within your group.

But not to worry, here are five fab tips that will help maintain the peace when you’re flying from Glasgow with friends.

  1. Sort out a budget

If there’s one thing that’s likely to cause big arguments, it’s money. Everyone is different, so while some of your group might want to dine at the fanciest restaurants, others might not be able to afford this.

So take the time to sit down and discuss each person’s circumstances so that you can plan a trip that meets everyone’s needs. This will get things off to a good start and set right the tone for the actual trip.

If budgeting isn’t your strong point, download a travel budgeting app such as Trabee Pocket.

  1. Have some ‘you time’

Just because you’re travelling together, doesn’t mean you have to spend every moment together – have some ‘you time’ to make the most of your break.

This will give you some distraction-free time to relax and collect your thoughts or alternatively, to do whatever you want without your friends slowing you down.

So build in some time for solo activities – the space will do you all good and you’ll have some great stories to share when you meet back up.

  1. Communicate

The worst thing you can do whilst travelling with friends is to bottle up any issues you’re having – it’s not healthy and will tarnish your experience, so be open and honest.

If your friend’s snoring is doing your head in or you’re tired of them bossing you around, say something.  As long as you’re calm and tactful, chances are they’ll appreciate your honesty and things will improve going forward.

  1. Be generous

Try to look beyond yourself and think about your friends’ needs and expectations.

Is there an activity you can do or place you can visit that they’ll appreciate? If so, suggest it, or better yet, organise it as a surprise. You’ll love seeing them happy and they’ll appreciate the effort you’re making.

  1. Drive the airport

Driving to the airport is a great way to get your holiday off to a fun start. With your top tunes blasting on the radio, you’ll be in your element as you head to the airport. But don’t forget parking–find excellent deals for Glasgow Airport parking on

Now all that’s left is to plan your route and make your awesome holiday playlist – it’ll be super-fun for you all!

Follow these tips and look forward to a trip that’s free from petty dramas.

What are you tips for travelling with friends? Share in the comments section.

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