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Greece captions, anybody? Today I’m giving away my collection of captions and quotes about Greece.

Some of them are best for your Santorini flying dress photo shoot. Others may suit your sunset in Santorini photos.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know that I love to inspire and guide independent travelers. That’s why I always do my best to capture breathtaking photos and to pair them with smart captions, whether I’m in Greece or in any other country for that matter.

Greece is the country I’ve traveled to for so many times, that there’s no wonder I’m opening this series of articles with it. Please, help yourself to any of the photos in this article. Post them on your Instagram or wherever you want. I did the photo captioning work so that you don’t have to do anything else than visit Greece and keep your followers updated.

Greece captions views of the Acropolis of Athens and the Olympian Zeus temple

If you want, you can visit my website about Greece to find some more Greece captions.

Who Needs Greece Captions or Quotes?

You can always post your photos from Greece as they are, without any words. I sometimes do that, as well.

Santorini, for instance, is so beautiful that words aren’t necessary to describe it.

Athens, however, may require some smart pairing of words and images, in order to make your followers feel the magic of ancient gods and goddesses.

parthenon acropolis

General Greece Captions

Let’s see some creative and inspiring captions you can use to spruce up your Greece photos.

1. Greece, I’ve got you under my skin!

2. What happens in Greece… stays in Greece

3. Greece is the life!

4. Sweet memories in the making

5. Sea me sailing in the sunset!

6. Greece is always a good idea

7. Beautiful in blue; Santorini blue

8. Roses are red, church domes and blue, I’m in Santorini and I’ll always love you

9. A drop of Greece brings an ocean of happiness

10. Blue is the new black in B&W

11. Greece is my playground

12. Greece, forever on my bucket list

13. 6000 Greek islands and only one life!

14. I’m here to stay!

15. This is my Achilles’ hill

16. Don’t wait for me!

17. Greece is my oyster

18. I’m in Wonderland

19. Greece is fun

20. Greece, where waters are turquoise and sunsets epic

21. Wandering through Greece is like painting a masterpiece off memories

22. Epic sunsets, endless blue, oh, my Greece, how I love you!

23. Greece, beautiful from every angle

24. Greek shores, blue doors

25. 999 blue doors and counting

26. Precious moments, priceless memories

27. Discovering Greece’s treasures, one photo at a time

28. Exploring Greece, where history comes alive with every step

29. Lost in the whispers of ancient ruins, wandering through Greece

30. Greece, the perfect blend of myths and marvels

athens aerial view from Lycabettus hill

Athens Captions & Puns

1. Exploring the charming streets of Athens on a sunny day

2. Athens: Where history and philosophy go hand in Pathenon

3. Acropolis-y your bags, we’re heading to Athens!

4. In Athens, ancient ruins make modern selfies look ‘marble’-ous

5. Feeling Parthenonoid? Must be the charm of Athens!

6. Acropolis-adabra! Welcome to the magic of Athens!

7. Athens! A city that ‘columns’ my name

8. When life gives you ruins, explore Athens!

9. Getting schooled in history, Athens style!

10. When in Athens, I’m ‘stoa’-ked about every corner!

11. Ancient vibes and modern jives: Athens has it all ‘fig’-ured out!

12. Getting ‘marble-ous’ vibes from Athens!

13. Parthenon puzzles and gyro guzzles: Athens, you’ve won my heart!

14. When Athens calls, you Odyssey it!

15. Acropolis-mania: A contagious love for Athens!

16. Athens: Where history is a marathon, not a sprint!

17. Athens: Where you can be a history buff and still ‘ruin’ your vacation

18. Athens: A city that’s ‘Aegean’-tly calling my name!

19. Greek odyssey: From Zeus to souvlaki, Athens has the full ‘spread’!

20. From ‘Souvlaki’ to ‘Kalimera’: Athens, you’re the full Greek experience!

Greece Captions for Ancient Sites Photos

1. A place steeped in myth and history

2. Greek escapades: Athens, you’re a ‘myth-terious’ wonderland!

3. Parthenon puzzles and ‘labyrinth’ lanes: Athens, you’re my fascination!

4. In Greece, ruins aren’t a ‘tragic’ sight, they’re a masterpiece!

5. Exploring ancient Greek ruins is ‘a-maze’-ing!

6. Exploring ruins in Greece: Where every stone is a ‘mile-stone’.

7. Lost in ruins: An ‘Olympian’ experience of the past.

8. Ancient Greek architecture: A ‘pedestal’ for the curious mind.

9. Greece: A ‘temple’ of time-traveling wonder.

10. “Roaming through ruins: A ‘marble’-ous adventure in time

Greece Captions for Instagram Beach Photos

1. Beach bliss and beyond

2. Sunkissed and salty: Beach vibes in Greece

3. Beach therapy: Saltwater and Greek sunsets.

4. Sailing through turquoise dreams in Greece.

5. Salt in the air, sand in my hair: Greece getaway.

6. Life’s a beach, especially in Greece!

7. Saltwater therapy: Vitamin Sea in Greece.

8. Beach vibes and salty kisses: A Greek love affair.

9. Seaside serendipity: Making memories on Greek beaches.

10. Beachside bliss: Living the Greek dream.

Quotes about Greece

“The azure seas, golden beaches, and delicious wines of Greece’s fabled islands drew travelers long before today’s luxury resorts and pulsing nightclubs”.

Fodor’s Essential Greek Islands: with the Best of Athens (full-color travel guide)

“The Acropolis, the theater at Epidaurus, the palace at Knossos – Greece’s ancient wonders are legendary, and all the more alluring when you throw in that blue sky and those warm, blue seas, a natural beauty that at times can seem almost mystical”.

Frommer’s Athens and the Greek Islands, by Stephen Brewer

Greek food: tzatziki, rabbit and fried calamari

Greece Captions for Food Photos

1. Feta late than never!

2. One ouzo a day keeps sorrows away

3. Eating my way through Athens, one ‘olive’ at a time!

4. Ancient mysteries and modern pastries: Athens, you’re ‘sweet’ and historic!

5. Feasting on Greek flavors: A symphony for the senses

6. Mediterranean magic on a plate: Greek cuisine at its finest.

7. From farm to table: Greek delights that dance on the palate.

8. Capturing the essence of Greece in every mouthful.

9. When in Greece, eat like a Greek: Flavorful and fabulous.

10. From souvlaki to baklava: Greek cuisine is a masterpiece in every dish

11. Epicurean adventures in Greece: A tale of flavors and enchantment.

12. Olive oil and oregano dreams: Greek cuisine that steals the show.

13. Tasting tradition in every bite: Greek food is a symphony of heritage.

Greece is always a good idea - caption on two photos of Chania Old Harbor and Knossos Palace in Heraklion, Crete

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