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Things To Do in Athens, Greece, in Two Days

There are so many things to do in Athens, Greece, that you won't be able to cover everything in one day. Athens is a wealth of culture and civilization, a city full of vestiges, but also modern in an original way. As visiting the Acropolis is one of the main...

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Jardin Majorelle Marrakech – Beautiful in Blue

Before getting to Marrakech this spring, I've never heard about Jardin Majorelle, blue Majorelle, or anything else related to the home of Yves Saint Laurent in the city of Marrakech. Now I'm happy I had the opportunity to see this wonderful place where nature meets...

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Best Walking Shoes for Travel

The best walking shoes for travel should be both classy and comfortable. You want to be able to walk for many hours in a row without feeling the tiredness and without getting the dreaded blisters that can ruin your trip. At the same time, the best walking shoes for...

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Sagres Portugal, the Westernmost Edge of Algarve

If you are a party animal, you won't like Sagres Portugal, as it has nothing to do with the lively nightlife of other resorts in the Algarve. If, on the contrary, what you want from an Algarve vacation is to relax and to enjoy nature at its best, Sagres Portugal will...

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The Saadian Tombs in the Kasbah of Marrakech

As weird as it may seem, I enjoy visiting graveyards. While planning my trip and researching the best things to see in Marrakech, I came across the Saadian Tombs. The next move was to add this landmark to my bucket list. It was one of my best decisions in regard to...

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10 Cool Things To Do in Marrakech (+ Some Myths Busted)

Many people think about Marrakech holidays with desert tours and Berber adventures in mind. I went there with the same thought that I'd be able to take photos of impressive sand dunes, starry skies and camel caravans. Such things aren't possible when you have only one...

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