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On the Beach All-Inclusive Holidays: Relaxing or Boring?

Jane had chosen Belek, in Turkey, for her summer holiday. Although I’ve visited Turkey more than 10 times, I never saw Belek. I asked her what she thought about the town, the surroundings, about short trips in the neighbourhood, about things to do, see or eat. She...

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UK Seaside – Possibly My Next Summer Destination

When living in Europe, there are so many countries you can easily visit, that choosing a destination for your vacation can be difficult. When I used to have a regular job, I always had a hard time deciding where to spend my only one month a year time off. Because I...

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Passiflora – My Passion for the Passion Flower

Passiflora is a genus of about 500 species of flowers. That's what Wikipedia says. I say Passiflora is my favorite flower. I had the pleasure to grow several Passiflora plants in the past. Since I started travelling for bigger periods of time, I gave away almost all...

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