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Searching for Dracula: Bucharest to Bran and Return

“Can you take me to Dracula’s castle?” This is one of the most common questions I’ve got from foreigner friends and business partners visiting Transylvania Romania. This is how I managed to visit the Dracula castle in Bran multiple times. If you also want...

Caves of Romania: Pestera Muierilor

How would you like to live in a cave? As I’m writing this, the temperature outside is 37 degrees Celsius. Hot as hell (or almost). If you asked me, I’d be happy to live in a cave right now. Or at least to visit one, like Pestera Muierilor described below . If you...

Greeks of Kayakoy, Go Home! The Bitter Meaning of Going Home

She was almost blind. Her myopia was so advanced that she had to stick her nose into a book to be able to read. Despite her thick glasses which looked like two jar bottoms, she was one of the most smiling and optimistic in our class, if not in the entire high-school....

Fethiye Saklikent Gorge, Turkey, The Place Where Time Stops

Out of all places I’ve been to, two have the magic power to stop the time. One is Mount Olympus in Greece. The other one is Fethiye Saklikent Gorge in Turkey. These places have a strange power to bring happiness and peace in your soul. For the entire time you are...

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