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Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

Hagia Sophia is a beautiful but sad museum. It went through a series of transformations which you can read about in David Lansing's article about the history of Hagia Sophia.

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Sforza Castle, Milan, Italy

Did you know Northern Italy was home to some beautiful castles? You may have heard about Museo Castelvecchio in Verona, Castello Sabbionara in Avio, or Castel Ronco in Bolzano. These are only a few examples of amazing ancient Italian architecture. A list of these...

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Art on Cows in Brussels

In my weekend getaway to Brussels, I witnessed an unusual art exhibition: Art on Cows. The happy cows were spread across the entire city, with a bigger concentration in the Atomium area. I took several photos, because I thought the idea was cool. It seems many people...

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Golf Courses in Romania: Lac de Verde

Do you play golf? Do you want to learn how to play it? This is a spot in Romania you may like: Lac de Verde. Lac de Verde is a golf club located in Breaza, less than 100 km from Bucharest. It is also very close to Sinaia, so if you decide to stay here, go to see Peles...

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