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Passiflora is a genus of about 500 species of flowers. That’s what Wikipedia says. I say Passiflora is my favorite flower. I had the pleasure to grow several Passiflora plants in the past. Since I started travelling for bigger periods of time, I gave away almost all my plants. However, I took care to take photos, so now I can show you my lovely passion flowers.

Blooming Passiflora with religious painting background

Blooming Passiflora with religious painting background. The setting was not intentional, but I liked the outcome.

Upside-down flower

These flowers take a few weeks to bloom and they only last one day. You have to be alert if you want photos. For some flowers you see here, I took a day off my job to take photos.

Another Passion Flower

I love these flowers. My birthday is on March 7th (hint, hint! 🙂 )

The circle of Passion Flowers

The circle of Passion Flowers – just in case you were wondering how the whole plant looks like, here it is. In warmer climates, people would grow them in the garden. As they are climbing plants, they can grow really spectacular.

What are you doing with your plants while travelling for more than a few days? Do you have any special tips to share?

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