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Many of my readers who found my Greece captions and quotes list asked me to put together a similar collection of short captions and quotes for Santorini.

Here they are, paired with my own photos of Santorini. You can use them for your Instagram or for any other social media page of yours.

santorini captions

As usual, I’m going to organize these captions by topic such as Santorini blue domes captions, Santorini lovers captions, Caldera captions, Oia captions, red dress captions, and more.

Santorini Quotes

“A cruise ship slid towards the quaint port of Kato Fira, three hundred meters below the house. Santorini was the fashionable destination for a new breed of tourists. Wealthy cruisers arrived daily, much to the glee of shopkeepers and tradesmen.”

– Secrets of Santorini by Patricia Wilson

Santorini Blue Domes Captions

I’ve got the blues. Santorini blues.

Once in a blue dome… errr… moon

Drops of blue in a sea of white

These walls are white, and those domes are blue, from Fira to Oia I’ll be walking with you

These blue domes… a dream come true

Check-in in white and blue

When dreams come true in white and blue

It’s all in the blues

Blues for the win!

Santorini blue, I’ve got my eyes on you!

santorini blue moon

Caldera Captions for Instagram

A walk with a view

Such a photogenic volcano!

Surrounded by blue

Postcard view to remember for a lifetime

A memorable sunset. The Caldera sunset.

Happiness is an extinct volcano

Hugs and kisses by the rim. The Caldera rim.

I can’t take my eyes off you

Life’s good when you have this view

Caldera for the win!

caldera captions

Fira to Oia Santorini Captions for Instagram

The most beautiful path in the world

Take me to Oia!

The best 20,000 steps ever

Healthy walk with scenic views

6 miles of pure beauty

6 miles of bliss

20,000 blissful steps

Run for the sunset at Oia

On my way

One life. One dream

santorini captions collection

santorini walk caption

santorini 6 miles bliss caption

Lovers’ Captions

This is the beginning of a true love story

The Oia sunset is better when we watch it together

Love you to Oia and back!

Hand in hand for life

Love is in the air

santorini short captions

love santorini captions

Sunset Captions

A sunset for a lifetime

Windmills in the sunset

Sunset by the castle

Santorini sunsets are the best

Santorini. Sunsets to die for.

Now that’s a sunset!

Santorini sunsets for the win!

sunset santorini

santorini sunsets




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