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The driving distance between Bologna and Florence is 108 km (67 miles).

Both Bologna and Florence have their own airport, but not all low cost companies fly to both cities.

Bucharest, Romania, for instance, doesn’t have a direct connection to Florence. However, I was keen on visiting this lovely city in Italy, home to so mane amazing museums and Renaissance buildings.

If you already know how to get from Bologna to Florence, check out this 4 days Florence itinerary.

How To Go from Bologna to Florence

As changing flights is daunting and expensive, the best way to travel is to fly to Bologna and take a bus, drive or take a train ride to Florence.

This article shows you the different ways to go from Bologna Airport to Florence city center without flying.

Main Topics of How To Go from Bologna to Florence

Bologna Airport to Florence by Bus

The bus is the most convenient way to get to Florence.

The bus stop is right by the exit from the airport. As you exit the arrivals terminal, turn left and walk for about 100m.

When you buy your bus ticket online, the cost is 20 Euro. Should you miss the bus, you can use the ticket to take the next one.

You can also buy your ticket directly from the driver at the price of 25 Euro.

The bus ride takes about one hour and it is comfortable.

From the bus terminal in Florence you can get to your accommodation by public transport or by taxi.

By Train

There are several trains a day going from Bologna to Florence.

Trains depart from Bologna Centrale Train Station and arrive to Florence’s Santa Maria Novella’s train station.

To get from the airport to Bologna Centrale you need to take the Marconi Express. That’s a 7-minute train ride.

Apparently, this is very convenient. In real life, though, should Marconi Express stop working, it is replaced by buses that take about 40 minutes to get to the train station. You’ll end up getting an unpleasant and long ride at the same price as the much faster Marconi Express.

By Taxi

A taxi ride from Bologna Airport to Florence would set you back at least 190 Euro (the equivalent of about $206 US). Night fares may go up to 300 Euro.

I’m not willing to pay this kind of money for a taxi ride. It’s good to know, though, it could be a viable option.

By Driving

You may think a car rental would be the best way to visit Tuscany.

You’d be right, but Florence isn’t the place to drive. For the entire duration of my trip to Florence, I’ve seen only electric and hybrid vehicles in the city center.

Also, I didn’t notice too many car parking lots.

Besides, visiting Florence by foot is a real pleasure. Everything is so beautiful everywhere, that you’d rather be walking and admiring the architecture than driving and chasing free parking spots.

Just look at my photos of Florence and tell me you don’t like them!

florence streets violeta matei

That’s the street where our apartment in Florence was, just short walk to the Dome

florence paris hotel near duomo

florence street duomo view

florence the frame hotel cyclist




Violeta Matei