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Why Visit France?

France is a popular tourist destination for many reasons. Some of the most notable include its rich cultural heritage, beautiful landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, world-class cuisine and wine, and picturesque countryside.

Paris is on the travel bucket list of millions of people worldwide. Even French people enjoy holidays in Paris, despite the high cost of living and the expensive accommodation.

France travel articles


Ouigo: France’s High-Speed Budget Rail Option

Take the fast track to French savings with Ouigo, an affordable high-speed rail option spreading across Europe. Created by France's railway SNCF in 2013 as a discount TGV service for cost-conscious travelers, Ouigo offers fares from just €5 to popular destinations...

Hottest Countries in Europe in December

The hottest countries in Europe in December, or in any other winter month for that matter, aren't countries but places. Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Greece spread over so many latitude lines, or parallels, that they can't be regarded as a whole when planning...

Montparnasse Tower – The Best View of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Paris Montparnasse Top of the City Observation Deck Entry Ticket ☑ With mobile tickets, simply scan your phone to enter into the Montparnasse Tower ☑ Get the best views of Paris from Montparnasse Tower's observation deck ☑ The 56th floor is wheelchair accessible...

Les Passages Couverts: Paris Itinerary to Follow Exactly!

Les Passages Couverts Paris - these magic words will offer you a delightful self-guided tour of Paris. Covered passages of Paris are nothing else but the shopping malls and galleries of the 19th century, created by the rich people to make shopping more convenient....

Best Versailles Tours from Paris

Versailles Palace and Gardens Tour with skip-the-line ☑ Round-trip transportation by train from Paris to Versailles ☑ Skip-the-line entrance to the Palace of Versailles ☑ Guided tour of the Palace with local, English-speaking guide ☑ Free time to explore the...

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