Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

Hagia Sophia is a beautiful but sad museum. It went through a series of transformations which you can read about in David Lansing's article about the history of Hagia Sophia.

Greeks of Kayakoy, Go Home! The Bitter Meaning of Going Home

She was almost blind. Her myopia was so advanced that she had to stick her nose into a book to be able to read. Despite her thick glasses which looked like two jar bottoms, she was one of the most smiling and optimistic in our class, if not in the entire high-school....

Saklikent Gorge, Fethiye , Turkey, The Place Where Time Stops

Out of all places I’ve been to, two have the magic power to stop the time. One is Mount Olympus in Greece. The other one is Fethiye Saklikent Gorge in Turkey. These places have a strange power to bring happiness and peace in your soul. For the entire time you are...

The Blue Lagoon Turkey & More Cool Things to Do in Oludeniz

It’s strange how we get attached to things in our lives. We also get attached to places we visit. This happened to me with the Blue Lagoon Turkey, Mount Olympus, and Milan, among other unforgettable destinations. Turkey is one of those countries you'll fall in love...

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