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Do You Need More Exposure For Your Business?


If you need an experienced travel writer and story teller to build your brand awareness and increase your exposure among travelers, you’ve come to the right place.






Travel Writing

I’m a source of inspiration for my readers. My destination guides and insights help people craft their own trips. If independent travelers are your core target, you should work with me to advertise your services to them.


Collaboration & Advertising in the Travel Industry

I work with brands in the travel industry and tourism offices. My destinations, hotels and tourist activities reviews inspire my readers to travel to the places I write about.

Web Development & WordPress Training

I can help you create a highly converting website or tweak your actual one for success. I can train you to use WordPress like a pro. Such consultations are available via email or Skype.

Travel Photography

Do you want to increase the interest for must-see landmarks in your area? In my travel photographs, I try to capture the essence of places, and make my followers resonate with them. I provide high-res, quality photos of hotel rooms, restaurants and tourist objectives.

Social Media Promotions

I can showcase your brand on my social media pages. I try to find creative angles that entice my followers to know more about your services.

Public Speaking

Do you host a travel conference and you need an experienced speaker? Invite me to your next event to show your guests how to develop a successful travel blog.

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Plans and Pricing

By hiring me, you always pay only for what you use.

Travel articles, reviews and speaking services are priced per project. Prices consist from travel expenses and a service fee.

Advertising banners are available for a monthly fee.

Social media promotions are priced per item.

Web development services are priced per project. My estimations are based on the specific requirements of each project.

WordPress training and consultancy services are available at a monthly flat fee which takes into consideration the amount of time needed.

Please contact me for a custom quote.

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