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Are you in search for Paris captions inspiration and ideas?

You’ve come to the right place! Here are my best Paris captions, quotes and photos to spice up your Instagram posts.

Feel free to steal my words and my Instagram captions for Paris, together with my photos.

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Whether you’ve been mesmerized by the Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge, Notre Dame de Paris, Sacre Coeur Basilica, the Louvre pyramid, or the covered passages of Paris, here you can find the photo and the associated caption to match your itinerary.

To make it easier for you, I split my Paris captions list into several sections such as iconic landmarks, Parisian street life and cafes, love and Romance in Paris, chic and fashion-forward captions, witty and humorous captions, inspirational and poetic captions, seasonal and holidays captions, and Paris at night captions.

Iconic Landmarks and Monuments

How many landmarks can you take selfies with?

How can you quickly pair them with the right captions?

Let’s see whether my captions of Paris can help you.

Eiffel Tower Captions

eiffel tower super power

1. I feel you, Eiffel!

2. Eiffel Tower Super Power!

3. My superpower, Eiffel Tower!

4. My Parisian dream come true

5. Wrought iron on blue, a dream come true!

6. My ironclad view, especially for you

ironclad view tour eiffel

7. This is my Paris

8. Paris, I see you

9. Paris is always a good idea

10. High in the sky… Eiffel-high!

Louvre Captions

11. Art is always a good idea

louvre captions

12. See you, Mona Lisa!

13. Art for a lifetime

14. Louvre, love at first sight

15. Louvre-y eyes

16. Quench your thirst for art at the Louvre!

17. Rainy day in Paris? No problem!

18. Wonderful art for rainy days

louvre-y eyes

Arc de Triomphe Captions

19. Victory in Paris

20. All Paris boulevards lead to arc de Triomphe

21. Arc de Triomphe, where big boulevards converge

22. Majestic in stone

23. Monumental crossroad in Paris

24. A stone frame for your Paris memories

25. Frame your Paris memories in stone!

arc de triomphe captions

Notre-Dame Cathedral Captions

26. A Dame with a view. Notre-Dame!

27. Meet Gothic Paris

28. A bridge with a view. Notre-Dame de Paris view

29. A cathedral that never dies

30. Majestic memories of a chic Paris

31. The name of the rose is Notre-Dame

32. Medieval glory with a sad story

33. The Gothic Goddess of Paris

34. Reborn from flames, eternal marvel

35. Du cote de Shakespeare & Co – Notre Dame de Paris

notre dame paris captions

Sacré-Cœur Basilica Captions

36. Top of Montmartre, charming Sacre Coeur

37. Domed dreams of Paris

38. Sacré sight on top of Paris

39. The Roman-Byzantine wonder that stole my sacred heart

40. Race me to the top!

41. Domes in the Clouds

paris captions sacre coeur

Parisian Street Life and Cafés

Parisian cafés and narrow cobbled streets are already everywhere on Instagram.

This doesn’t stop anyone from taking even more photos and from posting them online.

Captions Capturing the Charm of Parisian Streets, Alleys & Passages

42. My dreams are made of cobblestone

43. My pathways in Paris

44. Curvy alleyway allure

45. The winding pathways of Parisian dreams

46. Rues of romance

47. Rambling Parisian Rues

48. Cobblestone, croissant and my camera… triple bliss while in Paris

49. The ancient shopping galleries of Paris – An easy travel back in time

50. Les passages couverts – perfect for a rainy day in Paris

51. See Paris in style!

52. Stylish & romantic, Paris is pure bliss!

paris breakfast caption

Captions for Café and Bistro Photos

amelie poulain captions paris

53. In the footsteps of Amelie Poulain

54. The best way to start your day in Paris

55. Meet the real Paris

56. La vie en rose

57. Living the tasty life

58. Life is delicious!

59. BRB… or maybe not

paris cafes captions

Captions Celebrating French Cuisine and Pastries

60. Nothing compares to the aroma of a fresh croissant

61. Coffee and croissant, a match made in heaven

62. Breakfast a la Parisienne

63. Start your day in style!

Love and Romance in Paris

Paris is also known as the City of Love. Romantic couples from all over the world come to Paris to elope or to renew their vows.

Here are some romantic captions to pair with your photos.

Romantic Captions for Couples in Paris

64. Amour pour toujours in Paris

65. The Seine and my love

66. Sealed with a kiss, only in Paris

67. Paris, a lovers’ bliss

68. Sharing crêpes and kisses

69. How could I wish for anything more?

70. Je t’aime! Moi non plus!

71. So in love in the City of Love!

72. Gone with the wind of love

73. Dance me to Pont Neuf!

74. Metropolitan love

75. I’m in Paris with my LOVE

dance me to pont neuf

metropolitan love

This is my list for now.

Keep an eye on this article, as I plan to update it with many more ideas of captions about Paris.


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