The Pompidou Centre in Paris is a hard to miss, one of a kind building.

Dressed in colorful pipes, with exterior stairways running through transparent ducts, Centre Pompidou looks like a giant factory coming straight from a science-fiction movie. You haven’t seen anything like that, I promise!

Located in Beaubourg, on a pedestrian-only square, this impressive center hosts the National Museum of Modern Art and several other cultural institutions.

centre pompidou paris

centre pompidou inside

On my first visit to Paris I didn’t enter Centre Pompidou, but I took lots of photos of the exterior of this intriguing building.

This June, though, I went to see the temporary exhibition Brancusi. This was the perfect opportunity to also visit The National Museum of Modern Art, located at floors 4 and 5 of Centre Pompidou.

To say that I’m in love with Centre Pompidou is an understatement. I highly recommend you to visit it on your next trip to Paris, if you haven’t already.

Click here to book your private guided tour with fast track entry to the Modern and Contemporary Art museum in Centre Pompidou.

Click here to see the official calendar of their exhibitions, festivals, and events.

pompidou centre georges cafe

Georges Cafe, on top of Centre Pompidou, is the best place to enjoy some refreshments and a gorgeous panorama of Paris

Before we delve into some facts and practical information, keep in mind that in the first half of year 2025 the Pompidou Centre will gradually close for renovation. The scheduled reopening year is 2030.

How To Get to Centre Pompidou

The exact address is Place Georges Pompidou, 75004, Paris.

Metro lines: 1, 4, 7, 11, 14

RER lines: A, B, D to Chatelet Les Halles

Bus lines: 29, 38, 47, 75.

Hotel de Ville and Chatelet are the nearest metro stations to Pompidou.

pompidou square paris

Opening Hours

The center is open everyday, except for Tuesdays and May 1st.

Museum and exhibitions opening hours: 11am – 9pm

Bookshop and boutique: 11am – 9:45pm

Galerie des enfants (children’s gallery): 11am – 7pm

The ticket desk closes one hour prior to the closing time. However, try to show up earlier, as one hour won’t be enough for you to visit too much of the good stuff in the Pompidou Center (or Beaubourg, as Parisians oftentimes call it).

Modern & Contemporary Art Museum Visit

Click here to book your private guided tour with fast track entry to the Modern and Contemporary Art museum in Centre Pompidou.

The Modern Collection includes artworks from 1905 to 1965. It’s a permanent collection sitting at the 5th floor.

These works of art belong to reputable artists such as Amedeo Modigliani, Vassily Kandinsky, Salvador Dali, Marcel Duchamp, Marc Chagall, and Jackson Pollock among many others.

The 4th floor showcases contemporary art from the 1960s to date.

I loved the installation below consisting from a legs shadow running away from the broken mirror. The artist, Jacques Monory, created this in 1968, my year of birth.

pompidou modern art museum violeta matei

Jacques Monory – Meurtre no 20/1, 1968

On both 4th and 5th floors there are also temporary collections. What I’ve just seen on my June visit to Paris may be gone by the time you get there.

modern art museum paris ben doute de tout

Modern Art Museum Paris – Ben doute de tout – reconstruction of a funny shop

pompidou centre modern art museum otto dix

Otto Dix – Memory of the Halls of Mirrors in Brussels

modern art museum paris - can I be anything

Can I be anything I say I possess?

Exhibitions Visit

Centre Pompidou hosts a wide array of temporary collections. This is how they attract many Parisians to become members of their community and gain free, skip-the-line access to everything inside.

Constantin Brancusi

Until July 1st you can still visit Brancusi, an exhibition that showcases about 400 works of Constantin Brancusi, the Romanian sculptor who lived in Paris from 1904 to the end of his life in 1957.

brancusi paris workshop replica

This is a replica of Brancusi’s workshop in Paris

brancusi rooster pompidou

The rooster is one of the frequently encountered symbols in Constantin Brancusi’s artwork

brancusi paris miss pogany-pompidou-centre

Comics, 1964 – 2024

Comics fans have this awesome opportunity to see various creations, from Franco-Belgian BDs to Japanese mangas.

Accompanied by an array of events, this exhibition is going to be available until November 4th, 2024.

The Childhood of Design – A Century of Furniture for Children

This exhibition showcases about 500 furniture items such as chairs, desks, and play tables designed specifically for the use of children. It is available until August 12th, 2024.

It is interesting to see the evolution of a children’s desk from the 1950s to the present moment, or the ‘gamification’ of the furniture.

Hervé Di Rosa – The World-Crosser

Available until August 26th, 2024, this temporary exhibition showcases around 30 works of this French artist.

modern art museum paris listen to your body

Listen to Your Body – art work by Herve di Rosa – if your organs would be able to show their emotions, that’s what you’d see

Paris Panorama

Centre Pompidou is a wonderful spot to enjoy a beautiful panorama of Paris. While it isn’t as high as the Montparnasse Tower vantage point, Centre Pompidou offers one of the best panoramas of the city you can enjoy for free.

It is also free of charge. You don’t need a ticket to take the stairs to the top. The different entrances to exhibitions and events are beyond the stairways.

pompidou centre pedestrian traffic tubes

The pedestrian traffic tubes are transparent, hence offering plenty of photo opportunities

pompidou centre panorama

Tour Eiffel spotting

paris rooftops & Eiffel Tower

Paris’ rooftops & Eiffel Tower view from Centre Pompidou

sacre coeur view from pompidou centre

Sacre Coeur in Montmartre – view from Centre Pompidou

Whether you enjoy art museums or you simply want to discover the best vantage points in Paris, Centre Pompidou should be part of your Paris itinerary.


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