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How would you like a summer beach wallpaper for your phone?

Help yourself to my beach photos! I’ve got photos from Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, and Malta.

I always like to set my wallpaper to match the season. As I usually take lots of photos, it comes without saying that I use my own images for these screen savers and backgrounds.

Main Topics of Summer Beach Wallpaper Photos

1. Malta Beach Wallpapers

I open my list with Malta, because that’s the last beach destination I’ve visited. I’m still under its spell, so here are my best beach photos from this vacation.

beach wallpaper gozo drama

A beach wallpaper that comes straight from Ramla Beach in Gozo, one of the islands in the Maltese archipelago. The golden sand, the shiny pebbles and the water create an inspiring backdrop to quench your beach lust


beach wallpaper path

The same beach as above, Ramla Beach, with its wooden pathway leading to the water – the wallpaper your phone needs so badly!


beach wallpaper gozo waves

The same beach in Malta, Gozo island, the same gold sand, this time with some bigger waves


beach wallpaper gozo

How cool is this golden sand wallpaper? Ramla beach, always on my mind


beach wallpaper gozo sand

The golden hour on Ramla Beach – the perfect phone wallpaper


beach wallpaper gozo ramla

Would you prefer a darker summer-style wallpaper? Check out this one!


2. Rhodes Island, Greece

Rhodes is well-known for its sandy beaches. Faliraki, Elli Beach and Lindos are only a few of these wonderful summer holiday spots.

beach wallpaper pebbles

Waves and colorful pebbles on this beach in Rhodes, Greece


beach wallpaper funny wave

Another funny wave on Elli Beach in Rhodes


beach wallpaper rhodes

If you prefer darker backdrops, check out this one; photo taken on Elli Beach, Rhodes, Greece


beach wallpaper wave pebbles

More waves, more pebbles, lower shooting angle


beach wallpaper long beach

Rhodes, Greece – view from Monte Smith


beach wallpaper rhodes symi

St. George’s Bay, Rhodes, Greece


beach wallpaper sunset cat

Another Rhodes beach sunset wallpaper, this time with a cat


beach wallpaper rhodes deer

How would you like this wallpaper featuring the Rhodes Town harbor?


3. Santorini Wallpapers

Santorini is a dream island, a place to visit at least once in a lifetime.

Until then, check out these wallpapers and pick one for your phone.

beach wallpaper santorini whitewashed

Iconic Santorini houses, a calm sea, and the volcano


beach wallpaper santorini

Another relaxing Santorini phone wallpaper to use for free


santorini cruise ship sunset

Sunsets in Santorini have this golden hour glitter that’s going to turn into priceless memories


4. Cyprus Beach Photos

Cyprus is another European beach destination and a very beautiful island.

beach wallpaper summer

Paphos, Cyprus

Check out my articles about Cyprus, maybe you can get some beach holiday inspiration.

paphos faros beach

Faros Beach in Paphos, Cyprus


paphos beach photos

Still Paphos, Coral Bay

5. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a good beach destination in Europe. Despite its shorter beach season, Bulgaria boasts several gorgeous resorts worth checking out.

neptune bulgaria beach black sea

Here’s Neptune, fighting the waves, guarding the Bulgarian seaside of the Black Sea


varna lighthouse

The lighthouse in Saints Constantine & Helena Resort, Varna, Bulgaria


aquahouse hotel bulgaria


6. Romania

Romania’s Black Sea seaside can be a nice place to spend a short summer holiday.

These photos can make cool and refreshing screen savers and wallpapers.

black sea romania

Constanta, Romania, Black Sea at dusk


Sand on a Black Sea beach

Another Black Sea beach in Constanta, Romania


malta blue sea backdrop

Guess where I took this photo!


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