It took me many painful beach vacations and walk-through mountain river canyons adventures to discover water shoes. They are better than sandals, because they allow the water to pass through. Besides, they are a snug fit, so they make the perfect river shoes. They’ll never slide aside. You’ll never lose them. These aqua shoes are just perfect! The only thing that can be better in some situations are water socks, thanks to their portability.

It was during my trip through Saklikent Gorge, in Turkey, when I wore a nicely designed, cute pair of water shoes for the first time. Since then, those blue fabric shoes with white garments and with soft rubber soles have seen many sea bottoms in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. The same good old water shoes saved me in Crete, when I went to Stefanou Beach (also known as Seitan Limania – the Devil’s Bay).

Now I’m looking to replace those water shoes, as they are a bit worn out after so many beaches they’ve stepped on. This article takes a closer look at some of the best water shoes for women. I’ll let you know which ones I’m going to buy. For now, let’s see how they compare and what other users think about these watershoes.

Water Shoes with Laces

The advantage of water shoes with laces and with thicker soles is that you can wear them even during hiking or trekking. The materials are breathable and fast-drying, so you’ll be able to step into creeks or puddles without worries. They allow you to transition from hiking to swimming and back to hiking or cycling. Their biggest downside is that they take more room than other models of water shoes for women, so they won’t be my first choice for my carry-on luggage.

Columbia Drainmaker IV Womens Water Shoes

These water shoes offer some cushioning and shock absorption, but you shouldn’t expect the same support your regular running or walking shoes can provide.

These shoes benefit from Columbia’s technology and advanced materials, but in fact they are beach shoes that will enable you to enjoy a firm grip on wet rocks or boat decks.


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Columbia Drainmaker IV will work great for yachting adventures, fishing, and walking through river canyons. When you walk through water, the water drains through the upper side of the shoe and through the sole. Nonetheless, sand might catch in the insole, making these watershoes less comfortable for a while. If you only want some swimming footwear to wqear on the beach, you may want to chek out some models of aqua shoes or water socks.

You can find out more details, read reviews or buy these water shoes here.

MOERDENG Women’s Quick Drying Water Shoes Lightweight Aqua Shoes

These water shoes are also adjustable, thanks to their laces. The midsole is made from a lightweight material. The outer sole has very good traction, making these water shoes perfect for slippery and wet conditions.


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According to some users, these water shoes are great for aqua aerobics classes. Other women said they used these shoes for gardening or for running errands, as they are very lightweight and breathable. Apparently, you may have to wear them with lining socks for any other purpose than swimming or aqua gym.

You can find out more details, read reviews or buy these water shoes here.

RYKA Hydro Sport Water Shoes for Women

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These water shoes for women feature a removable insole. Water flows through it and exits the shoe through the holes in the sole. If you want your shoes to dry faster, you can remove the insole.

According to some users, these shoes are great for water aerobics and aqua gym classes, thanks to their great durability and flexibility.

Apparently they are true to size, so take this into account if you consider buying these water shoes.

The downside to these shoes appear to be their laces. However, you can easily replace them with elastic ones, in order to achieve a snug fit.

You can find out more details, read reviews or buy these water shoes here.

Hiitave Quick Dry Barefoot Water Shoes for Women and Men

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I love the colors of these water shoes, so I’d say they are my favorites so far. According to the manufacturer, this shoe is ideal for swimming, diving, surf, yoga, aqua gym, and pool or beach walking.
In fact, they are very similar to what other manufacturers would call water socks.

Most users say the shoe is true to size. Nonetheless, there are users who say they’ve had to adjust them to fit, because they were slightly bigger.

The outer sole offers an excellent grip, even on slippery surfaces. Besides, they look so good that you can wear them anywhere you want without worrying you’re going to stand out from the crowd.

If you expect arch support, you should choose other brands of water shoes, because these ones don’t offer this feature.

You can find out more details, read reviews or buy these water shoes here.

Swim Aqua Water Socks

If you don’t need to use your water shores for hiking or walking, you’ll probably be fine with a nice pair of water socks. They are extremely lightweight and very easy to pack, even when you travel with minimum luggage. The drawback of water socks is that they don’t have laces, so you need to make sure you buy the right size for your feet.

YALOX Water Socks / Shoes for Women and Men

Colorful and sleek, these water socks are perfect for swimming even on the fanciest beaches on the world.

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Available in a wide array of colors, these aqua shoes are the best option for weekend beach getaways, but also for longer beach vacations. They are very flexible and portable, so you won’t have to give up other clothing items to take your water shoes with you.

You can find out more details, read reviews or buy these water shoes here.

Before you choose your size, you should take a look at the size chart, because these water socks tend to run small.

BPS Low Cut Neoprene Socks for Water Sports, Diving & Beach


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These neoprene socks have a special design that makes them feel like they will stay on no matter what. They are adjustable and fully flexible, so you’ll feel like a fish in the water wearing these aqua socks.

These water socks are tall enough to allow you to enjoy beach volleyball or other sand sports without worrying that the sand will get inside.

Keep in mind, though, that the rubber sole isn’t suitable for walking on asphalt, concrete or other such surfaces for a very long time. Just take them with you and put them on when you arrive on the beach.

You can find out more details, read reviews or buy these neoprene socks here.

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Best water shoes for women, for swimming, aqua gym, water aerobics, diving, and many other water sports.


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