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erawan waterfall

Private Tour to Kanchanaburi Erawan Waterfall and Elephant Care

  • ? The itinerary is customizable to suit your needs and interests
  • ? Professional English-speaking guide
  • ? All entrance fees, lunch and bottled water are included
  • ? Pick-up from any hotel in Bangkok city area
  • ? Duration: approx. 12 hours
  • ?Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (187 reviews)

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Best Value - 1 Night in Cambodia

angkor wat temple

Bangkok to Angkor Wat Tour 2 Days 1 Night from Bangkok

  • ?Take the hassle out of traveling between Thailand and Cambodia with this private, guided tour that includes an overnight stay in a comfortable Siem Reap hotel. Over two days, explore some of Cambodia’s most-celebrated temple ruins – including national icon Angkor Wat, and take a boat to visit the floating villages of Tonle Sap lake. Return to Bangkok or Pattaya enriched by the ancient Khmer culture and architecture.
  • ? Professional English-speaking guide
  • ? All entrance fees, Tonle Sap boat ride and breakfast in Siem Reap all included; Visa not included (30 USD)
  • ? Pick-up from any hotel in Bangkok city area
  • ? Duration: approx. 2 days
  • ?Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (96 reviews)

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Bangkok is such an interesting city! But so are many other places around the big city.

Let’s see what are some of the best day trips from Bangkok and how you can book them.



Of all one-day itineraries the cultural insights, physical beauty and convenience factors make visiting Ayutthaya the best Bangkok area day trip overall. As the impressive former capital filled with Buddhist ruins, it offers an intriguing look into the Kingdom of Thailand’s fascinating history and resilience. Spending several hours exploring temple remains and imagining past grandeur ranks among Thailand’s most memorable activities.


Image by Tobias Reinsch from Pixabay

Despite increasing popularity the open layout means finding some solitude remains possible, especially arriving early. And taking a sunset riverboat back to Bangkok provides a serenely scenic coda to a day unveiling the country’s heritage where kings and cultures once collided. For an experience combing epic historical substance with travel convenience, Ayutthaya emerges as this writer’s top Bangkok day trip pick.



River Kwai

Known from the epic war film, the River Kwai region offers both poignant war history and dramatic natural scenery a few hours from Bangkok. Click here to see the details of a River Kway full day tour from Bangkok and to book your spot. Pros – Historic “Death Railway” and Hellfire Pass; interesting WWII museums; Sai Yok National Park waterfalls & hiking; ride the Death Railway Cons – Hot and humid weather; history is sobering; less convenient than Ayutthaya The River Kwai region holds significance as the area where the Japanese forced Allied POWs to construct part of the deadly Thailand-Burma railway during WWII. Visiting the region allows you to learn about this wartime history while connecting with nature as well. Sites like the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, Hellfire Pass and Death Railway museums reveal grim insights into the prisoners’ painful plight with informative exhibits and memorials. The famous creaky train ride over the River Kwai bridge itself connects the history directly.  


Balance out emotions with refreshing hikes to Sai Yok National Park’s waterfall and caves before returning to Bangkok by river raft or train back, pondering the day’s sobering history and striking scenery.

So for those who really want to connect with often overlooked wartime history near Thailand’s capital, the River Kwai makes an impactful day trip from Bangkok as well.

Erawan National Park

Just a 4 hour drive from Bangkok, Erawan National Park offers visitors the chance to hike through lush rainforest up to the seven-tiered Erawan Falls. The hiking route takes you up alongside each waterfall section, allowing stopping to swim and enjoy the views at any point.

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Pros – Incredibly scenic hike with each waterfall its own reward; fun swimming opportunities along the way; nice nature/adventure escape from Bangkok
Cons – Chance of rain in the wet season; weekends draw big crowds making parts of hike congested

Starting early is key both to beat crowds and enjoy cool morning mountain air before sun and humidity intensify. Pack a swimsuit and water shoes so you can stop and splash under tumbling cascades along the route up. The lush tropical foliage and songbirds provide their own magic as well between waterfall pools.



Reaching the top seventh tier after 1-2 hours rewards with the iconic multiple clear pools and thundering falls above to soak in before heading back down. Stopping to revive in any of Erawan’s refreshing waterfall pools combined with the enveloping forest scenery make this national park an awesome choice for those who like mixing outdoors adventure with cultural travel. It offers a lush green escape from Bangkok’s bustling streets for day trippers.

Pattaya & Coral Island

Just a two hour drive from Bangkok, Pattaya offers first-rate beaches while Coral Island offshore promises snorkeling paradise with crystal clear turquoise waters and coral gardens.

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Pros – Beautiful beaches, lots of amenities and dining options in Pattaya; very picturesque coral reefs perfect for snorkeling; relaxed coastal vibes compared to Bangkok
Cons – Highrises dominate parts of Pattaya beach now; Coral Island gets quite crowded especially with big tour groups

Spending the morning through early afternoon enjoying walking, reading, or swimming along Pattaya Beach can be wonderfully therapeutic. Then take a short boat ride to petite Coral Island to discover its exceptional coral formations and marine life teeming below the surface.

Snorkeling in those pristine translucent waters seeing colorful fish, sea turtles and even small sharks passing by results in awesome underwater photos and memories. For those who really want to combine beach relaxation with up-close tropical sea encounters, Pattaya and Coral Island make an alluring option.

The chance to alternate between quality beach time and snorkeling above exquisite coral reefs near Bangkok is tough for ocean lovers to pass up. So keep Pattaya and Coral Island in mind as another satisfying potential day trip from Thailand’s capital!

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