As soon as I heard that Dingli Cliffs are Malta’s highest point, I knew I had to visit. The 253 m above the sea guarantee a spectacular scenery.

I was on a Segway tour of the Dingli Cliffs and I had so much fun!

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This was my first time using a Segway. I managed to master it pretty quickly. I’m sure you can, too!

dingli cliffs photos

One of the friends in the Segway group, trying to get near the cliff edge

Now let’s see how to visit Dingli Cliffs and why.

Main Topics of Dingli Cliffs: How To Visit Malta’s Highest Point

Where Are the Dingli Cliffs?

Located on the southwestern coast of Malta, the Dingli Cliffs are a short drive away from Rabat.

The rugged cliffs make this spot a photographers’ paradise. Nature lovers will also love walking alongside these cliffs.

The highest point on the island is marked by a small chapel.

There’s also a parking nearby. For finding a parking spot it’s best to visit Dingli Cliffs off season.

I’ve been there in April. There were some people, but way fewer than in the months of June, July or August.

The best thing to do once you get to the chapel is to walk south to the best panorama viewpoint.

Click here to see the exact location of the Dingli Cliffs viewpoint on the map.

dingli cliffs tall shores

How To Get to Dingli Cliffs

There are four ways to get to Dingli Cliffs.

Since it is very close to Mdina and Rabat, you may want to visit all of these in the same day to save time.

By Car

There are only 4km between Rabat and Dingli Cliffs. You can expect this drive to take about 10-15 minutes.

Coming from Valletta to Dingli is another story. Roads are much busier, so expect your ride to take anywhere from 50 minutes to 1.5 hours, even though the distance between the tow is only 16-19 km (depending on the chosen route).

By Bus

The regular bus ride from Rabat to Dingli Cliffs takes about 35-45 minutes.

Take bus line 52 or 181 from Rabat Saqqajja bus stop and ride 20 stops to Carruta.

From Carruta there’s another km of walking which you can expect to cover in 15-20 minutes or so.

You can also use bus line 56 from Rabat Saqqajja, ride 22 stops to Tarag and then walk the last kilometer to Dingli Cliffs.

The 201 bus line that connects Rabat to the airport passes by Dingli Cliffs. According to Google maps, it only needs 12-15 minutes to ride all of the 18 stops to Maddalena, dropping you right near the chapel.

Buses from Valletta to Dingli take more than one hour to get there. Line 201 is the best, but the frequency is only once every 60 minutes.

Organized Tours


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If you prefer others to take care of everything for you, you’d better join an organized tour.

Such tours of Malta include Dingli among other top landmarks.

Click here to see more details and to book a full day guided tour with lunch.

The advantage is that you don’t have to bother with finding bus stops, waiting for buses, buying tickets, and so on.

The drawback of organized tours, however, is that you must observe and follow their schedule.

What if you wanted to wait for the sunset at Dingli but the group has to move on while the sun is still high in the sky?

Dingli Cliffs Chapel Ginger Cat

The ginger cat near the Dingli Cliffs chapel was out preferred model that April day


Walking from Rabat to Dingli Cliffs would take you around one hour, as the trail is 4 km long.

If you love long hikes, this is for you. Grab a map or use your GPS and head over to this rugged yet beautiful part of Malta.

dingli weather station

You can walk to the weather station to get a different vantage point.

dingli cliffs tall plant

Some of these plants are perfectly photogenic

dingli cliffs panorama

The land around Dingli Cliffs has beautiful colors in April

Before you go, check out my article about the Blue Grotto to compare the views.



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