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Budapest, with its beautiful architecture, lively cultural scene, and historic thermal baths, is a delightful city to explore.

As the capital city of Hungary, Budapest has its own international airport that connects the city to the whole world. There are multiple ways of getting from Budapest’s Ferenc Liszt International Airport to the city center.

Whether you are arriving in Budapest for the first time or returning to one of your favorite European destinations, you’ll want to have a comfortable and stress-free airport transfer. Read on for a comprehensive guide to the transportation options between Budapest Airport and the city center.

budapest taxis

Budapest taxis and Bolt cars are yellow and easy to notice

Budapest Airport to City Center By Public Transportation

Getting from the airport to the center of the city isn’t much different from getting around in Budapest. Let’s see what your options are.


– Take bus 100E from the airport to Deák Ferenc tér
– Buses depart every 30 minutes and take about 45 minutes to reach the city center, under normal traffic conditions. During rush hour, they may take longer
– Purchase your ticket at the bus stop before boarding and validate it as you enter the bus

Deák Ferenc tér is in Pest, very close to Kiraly Utca, the Basilica of St. Stephen and the Chain Bridge. You’ll also be close to the hotels and apartments in the Jewish Quarter.

Airport Shuttle

– Shuttle services run from airport to major hotels & locations
– Book shuttle service online in advance
– Ride takes about 45-60 mins depending on traffic

Metro (in combination with a bus)

– Take  bus 200E from the airport to KÅ‘bánya-Kispest
– Take the M3 (Blue) metro line from KÅ‘bánya-Kispest towards Újpest-Központ and get off at Deák Ferenc tér for city center
– Metro runs every 15-20 minutes; the ride takes about 30 mins

– Purchase tickets at airport station before boarding

Budapest Airport to City Center By Taxi or Bolt

– Head to the official FÅ‘taxi cab stand outside the terminal
– Confirm fare before getting in, expect to pay ~8000 HUF
– Ride takes 30-45 mins depending on traffic

You can use your Bolt app to order a ride to your hotel in Budapest. That’s what I prefer to use whenever I need to get from Budapest airport to city center.

By Rental Car

– Major car rental agencies available at the airport
– Drive along route E71 towards Budapest
– Parking options include garages and street parking

– Be aware of traffic, one way streets, and pedestrian areas

Also, keep in mind that finding parking can be very difficult in some of the central areas of Budapest.

budapest yellow tram

Comparison of Options

– Metro and bus are the cheapest options
– Taxi is fastest but most expensive, up to part with Bolt
– Shuttle services are moderate price but don’t run as frequently
– Rental car is useful only if planning longer trips out of city

I live in Bucharest, Romania. If this confuses you, check out my article about the difference between Budapest and Bucharest. You’ll see that I can easily drive to Budapest, so I don’t really need airport transfer.

Driving in Budapest is easy, but finding parking can be challenging, particularly in the city center. I’d rather use public transport during city breaks or short stays.

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