Your travel photos could communicate so much more if you added some relevant captions or quotes to them! Whether you prefer to travel solo or with your partner, the right travel captions can help you add emotions and tell your stories in a more effective manner.

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Traveling together as a couple will put your relationship to test. You’ll have to share your personal space with your partner round the clock. You’ll need to handle frustrations, homesickness, anger, and maybe depression. You won’t find anywhere to hide from this plethora of emotions. However, there’s a priceless reward in couple travel: the strengthening of your relationship.

Feel free to choose any of the following couple travel captions for your Instagram or Facebook posts! I tried to list as many caption ideas as possible, in order for you to save time on documenting your couple travels.

How To Use these Captions for Couple Travel

One way of making use of these travel couple captions is to pick the one that best matches your photo, copy it and either paste it in the caption section of your photo or paste it directly on top of the image with the help of a photo editing software tool.

You can upload and publish these photos with captions right to your Instagram or Facebook pages or profiles.

love well traveled

A love well-traveled lasts forever

Some of the following quotes and captions come together with photos. All of these images are my own, taken during my various trips. I’m granting you the right to use these shareable photos for your social media accounts. Should you be willing to send me back a little love, just add a mention of my name or a link to this page.

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For the sake of efficiency, I divided these 100+ couple travel captions and quotes into several categories such as short couple travel captions for Instagram, couple vacation captions, cruise captions for couples, couple road trip captions, funny couple travel captions for Instagram, couple adventure captions for IG, happy couple travel together quotes, and honeymoon quotes for Instagram.

The photos are all mine. Some are taken in Portugal, others in Greece, Ireland, Romania and in many other countries I’ve traveled to.

Short Couple Travel Captions for Instagram

  1. Shared bliss
  2. A song of love and travel
  3. Travel together, wire together
  4. We are adventure makers
  5. Let’s make memories together!
  6. Travel. Love. Repeat.
  7. My love, my world
  8. Baby, you set me free!
  9. Sharing is caring
  10. Love out of a suitcase

Couple Vacation Captions

  1. To relax is to watch our love grow stronger
  2. Traveling together, one step at a time
  3. Roaming in love
  4. The perfect place to get lost together
  5. Love, the sweetest slumber
  6. Love grows when we’re having fun
  7. Sweet memories in the making
  8. Be right back on our love & road track
  9. Be my sunshine, I’ll be your sunset!
  10. Imbibing shared happiness

Cruise Captions for Couples

  1. Your eyes, deep blue seas; my lips, sailing cruising ships
  2. Cruising together to seeing the world
  3. Set sail for lifelong love!
  4. Two sailing ships on the sea of love
  5. Kiss me quick! Captain’s order
  6. Love, a port of call to look forward to
  7. Sailing into love is a way of living
  8. I’ve set the compass of my heart on you
  9. Our lifelong itinerary is written in the stars
  10. Off the map, on our path to love

kiss me quick

Couple Road Trip Captions

  1. All roads lead to Love
  2. The sweetest way
  3. Our love, a shared way
  4. Our way, the love way
  5. We’re on the right track!
  6. A journey of shared love
  7. Hit the road, baby!
  8. A round-the-love ticket to eternity
  9. Let’s get lost!
  10. Home is where love is

couples lets get lost

Funny Couple Travel Captions for Instagram

  1. A passport stamp a month and 10 kisses a day keep our couple always on the way
  2. Walk me down the aisle to my window seat
  3. Let’s catch a flight together!
  4. Love at first sight… of Paris
  5. Love and travel go together like the sea and gravel
  6. Let’s jet lag together tonight!
  7. We’re coco-nuts about each other!
  8. We go together like apple crumble and vanilla ice cream
  9. We go together like peanut butter and jelly
  10. A love well-traveled lasts forever

catch a flight seagulls

Couple Adventure Captions for IG

  1. A lifetime of adventure awaits for us out there
  2. A little adrenaline can take our romance a long way
  3. We breathe love and adventure
  4. Let me be your craziest adventure!
  5. If monotony kills, we might live forever!
  6. Our souls are made of stardust and adventure powder
  7. Our love is feeding on adventure
  8. Shared thrills and chills are a solid foundation to build a live on
  9. You’re the North Pole to my compass
  10. Feel the fear and love me anyway!

Happy Couple Travel Together Captions & Quotes

  1. I love you deep in my heart and high in the sky
  2. In search for happiness, one flight at a time
  3. Roses are red, violets are blue, travels cost less when you book them for two
  4. Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m happy to book a nice hotel for two
  5. Happiness is a port of call on our life cruise
  6. Let’s watch the sunset together over this ocean of happiness
  7. Happy travels are the shortest way to my heart and you know it so well!
  8. Happiness is a shared adventure
  9. Travel. Kiss. Repeat
  10. Hand in hand, soul to soul, happy travel is our goal

Honeymoon Quotes for Instagram

  1. Travel is better when we’re together
  2. This honeymoon is as peaceful as a silent sunset over the sea
  3. This is the first step in making everlasting memories together
  4. Our honeymoon is paradise on Earth
  5. This is the beginning of a beautiful life
  6. Holding hands, looking towards a great future together
  7. Love and travel are a match made in heaven
  8. Let’s live to love and travel
  9. Long live our love and our thirst for adventure!
  10. Lost in honeymooning

Why Travel as a Couple?

All of the couple travel captions above are about happiness and fulfillment.Indeed, sharing such moments with your beloved one can only nurture your love and strengthen your relationship.

At the same time, long-term travel with your partner will put your relationship to test. If you pass it, you stand great chances to write many more couple travel captions to go with your Instagram or Facebook posts.

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