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Marsaxlokk, one of the most known fishing villages in Malta, is that sort of place you can’t but fall in love at first sight. There are good reasons to visit Marsaxlokk at any time of year, on any kind of weather.

The Marsaxlokk bay and harbour waterfront looks like an impressionist painting, with its crystal clear waters, its traditional fishing boats (Luzzu boats), its colorful buoys floating around, its fish restaurants, and its local people cleaning their boats and repairing their fishing nets.

marsaxlokk harbor malta boat

One of the freshly painted luzzu boats in Marsaxlokk, ready to sail again

Is Marsaxlokk worth visiting? Yes! There’s no doubt about it. The view and the atmosphere will be well worth your time.

Let’s see the best things to do in Marsaxlokk, the best Marsaxlokk restaurants to eat fresh fish and seafood, the best ways to get to this fishing village and the best hotels in Marsaxlokk, should you decide to spend a few days in this part of Malta.

Top Things To Do in Marsaxlokk

According to Wikipedia, as of 2014 the village of Marsaxlokk had a population of about 3,500 people. I don’t know how many people live in Marsaxlokk today, but I can tell you the waterfront promenade and the harbor were busy both times I’ve visited this fishing village.

The Maltese pronunciation of Marsaxlokk is ‘mar-sa-shlok’, deriving from two words, “marsa”, which means “port”, and “shlock”, meaning “south-east” (deriving from “sirocco”, the dry wind coming from Sahara).

Marsaxlokk Port Waterfront

Taking a stroll along the waterfront in Marsaxlokk can take hours, not because of its length, but because of its beauty. You’ll feel the urge to take a photo with each and every step.

marsaxlokk harbor palm trees

The palm trees in Marsaxlokk’s harbour add to the already wonderful scenery

marsaxlokk harbor old building

The eyes wide open of the many traditional Luzzu boats watch you as you walk. The sun rays create reflections on the water. The palm trees add a touch of color to the yellowish buildings. The doors and the window shutters painted in striking nuances of red, blue, yellow and green beg for photos. The typically Maltese architecture is truly addictive.

Marsaxlokk Open Market

There’s no better place than the waterfront open market in Marsaxlokk to buy souvenirs from Malta.

The souvenir stalls are open every day, so you don’t need to visit Maraxlokk on a Sunday to buy table cloths, aprons, key chains, earrings, bags, purses, and various gimmicks engraved with traditional Maltese symbols and signs.

luzzu boat eyes

I’ll be watching you! Fishermen believe that these eyes protect them at large

Sunday mornings in Maraxlokk are special, though. The fish market is only open on Sundays. If you want to see the fish market and maybe to buy some fresh fish, you need to schedule your visit to Marsaxlokk on a Sunday.

Even though for me this wasn’t possible, I was still pleased with my two visits to Marsaxlokk within a 7-day time frame. The first time I’ve been on a boat trip around the southwestern golfs of Malta, with the amazing people of Traverse Events. Their conferences help content creators take their skills to the next level, in order to develop more amazing materials for travel lovers.

I liked the vibe of Marsaxlokk harbour so much that I decided to visit it a second time on my last day in Malta.

Marsaxlokk Restaurants: Fish Dishes with a Catch (not the Catch of the Day)

There are several restaurants alongside the Marsaxlokk harbor docks and waterfront promenade.

There are some coffee shops and restaurants just around the corner, as you walk towards the Marsaxlokk parish church (which is a very beautiful Roman catholic one, by the way). There’s even Cafe de Paris in the area, should you miss it (I didn’t try it, I’m just letting you know it’s there).

All these restaurants look nice, they all serve fish and seafood, but they may not be equally good.

marsaxlokk restaurant traditional fish soup

This is the Maltese traditional fish soup, Aljotta. I was not too fond of it, but I only tried it once.

When choosing your fish restaurant in Marsaxlokk, check out reviews on Google or Tripadvisor. This could save you a lot of trouble, as some of these waterfront restaurants have very low ratings and horrendous reviews. Once you get to read about food poisoning, undercooked lasagna and other such issues,  it’s very hard to appreciate the food in front of you. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like my Aljotta soup, even though the fish bits inside it were good.

marsaxlokk fish retaurant

Mare Bello restaurant sea bass in the oven with olives, tomatoes, capers and arugula – I like it

marsaxlokk restaurant scallops

Scallops, anyone?

If you do your homework and you choose a fish restaurant with high ratings, you’ll enjoy your lunch or dinner with a view. Luzzu boats on blue water and a blue sky with white, fluffy clouds are the perfect ingredients of a breathtaking scenery.

Boat Trips from Marsaxlokk Port around the Delimara Peninsula

One of the main reasons I wanted to see Marsaxlokk for a second time during my one-week stay in Malta was that my first trip to this fishing village focused around this boat trip and on visiting the surrounding landmarks such as Tuillera Farm, Delimara Fort and Delimara Power Plant.

For now, I’ve found a video that shows exactly the three-bay boat tour I took in Marsaxlokk:

I have plenty of footage from my trip, so I’m going to put together my own reel of the best things to do in Malta and of all excursions and experiences I had the pleasure to be part of.

Swimming and Snorkeling in Marsaxlokk

Beginning of April isn’t the best time for swimming or snorkeling in Malta, as the water is still cold and the weather unpredictable.

May is probably the shoulder season. June, July, August and September are perfect for water sports and activities.

marsaxlokk bay

Saint Peter’s Pool waiting for warmer days

st peter s pool malta

Saint Peter’s Pool in June

According to locals, St. Peter’s Pool gets extremely busy during summer, as lots of tourists come by boat to enjoy the deep blue water.

I returned in June to enjoy St. Peter’s Pool, Kalanka Bay and other swimming spots in Marsaxlokk.As a highlight of this second trip, I’d mention Marsaskala, a more peaceful village and seaside resort on Malta’s east coast.

How To Get from Valletta to Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk is on the South route of the hop on hop off buses. You can hop on one of these buses in Sliema or in Valetta, pick a seat with a view, then film your way to Marsaxlokk while enjoying the wind running through your hair.

marsaxlokk map bays

Marsaxlokk on the South route and my cat’s paws to show you the way

If time allows, you may want to stop by San Lucian Tower and by the Ghar Dalam Cave and Museum, once you’re done with Marsaxlokk.

Another way to get from Valletta to Marsaxlokk is by public transport, bus route 81. This is the cheapest way to get to any place in Malta. It is very convenient, even though it is not the fastest.

Of course, you can always drive, take a taxi, or grab a Bolt or Uber from anywhere on the island of Malta. This would offer you the freedom to spend as much time as you want in Marsaxlokk or anywhere else on the island.

Last but not least, you can take a cruise from, any other port in Malta.

Where To Stay in Marsaxlokk

If you’re in Marsaxlokk for swimming and snorkeling, you’ll want to find a hotel nearby, in order to save time on your daily commutes. Here are some of your best options:

Fisherman’s Cove House – this is a top-rated villa in Marsaxlokk with a rooftop pool, free wi-fi and sea view in some rooms. Click here to see their room rates and to book your stay now.

La Reggia Seaview House – Family-operated business, this huesthouse offers beautiful views over the Marsaxlokk Harbor. Click here for the rates and for booking your room.

Seagull Penhouse Marsaxlokk – This property boasts a barbecue and a hot tub with views over Marsaxlokk fishing harbor. If you fancy grilling your own fresh fish from Marsaxlokk’s Sunday market, click here to grab a room now. This is a four-bedroom penthouse, so it suits even larger families.

Marsaxlokk was the ultimate highlight of my trip to Malta. I wish to return to the village, get accommodation near the harbor, watch Maltese fishermen at work, take photos of the sunset, and maybe enjoy swimming in those lovely golfs in the area.




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