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Marsaskala is a hidden gem on Malta’s East Coast. I’ve discovered it thanks to a photograph of salt pans in the warm light of the golden hour. The author of the photo had marked the location as Marsaskala, Malta. I wanted to replicate that photo, hence my decision to add Marsaskala to my things to see in Malta.

Often overshadowed by more prominent destinations on the island, Marsaskala remains an unspoiled haven where the past meets the present, offering a genuine and authentic experience for travelers seeking to explore Malta’s off the beaten path.

Here, in Marsaskala, I found the atmosphere of my childhood years, when my parents took me to the seaside, where they organized picnics by the beach.

In St. Thomas Bay, also known as “Ir-Ramla,” there’s this sandy beach surrounded by sandstone slabs, where the sea is calm and welcoming. Lots of Maltese families come here to relax and to spend quiet days by the beach.

marsaskala beach st thomas

St. Thomas Bay in Marsaskala, Malta

This travel guide aims to introduce you to the enchanting charm of this tiny village and seaside resort, in order for you to save time on researching the best things to do, restaurants and places to stay in Marsaskala.

If you want to know more about the island, just check out my collection of articles about Malta.

Where to Stay: Accommodations in Marsaskala

Despite its tranquil village setting, Marsaskala offers a diverse range of accommodations to cater to every traveler’s preferences.While I haven’t stayed in Marsaskala, I’m considering it for my next trip to Malta. Here are my top picks of hotels:

Cerviola Hotel – Best Value for Money

Cerviola Hotel is the first option that comes to mind. Clean and modern, this hotel allows for a comfortable stay without any fancy features.The hotel features a seasonal rooftop pool with scenic seaview.

Check out their prices and availability here.

C’est La Vie Guesthouse – Beachfront Accommodation

C’est La Vie guesthouse offers a very nice view of the marina, provided that you do choose a sea view room when you book your stay.

The rooms have USB chargers by the bed, an excellent feature that can save you from having to buy a power adapter. There are no water heaters or coffee facilities in the rooms. Breakfast is available at an extra cost.

Self-Catering Apartment by the Sea

If you prefer self-catering accommodations, check out this cozy apartment in Marsaskala. Located at about 4 minutes of walking from Wara l-Jerma Bay Beach and 1.3 miles from Zonqor Beach, this accommodation provides mosquito nets, private check-in and check-out, and bicycle parking for guests. The apartment has three bedrooms, being able to cater to up to 6 people.

Discovering Marsaskala: Malta’s Hidden Gem

Marsaskala, also known as M’Skala, is a quaint fishing village located on Malta’s southeastern coast. With its picturesque harbor, azure waters, and laid-back atmosphere, Marsaskala embodies the essence of Mediterranean living.

marsaskala beach docks

The village offers an enticing blend of natural beauty and historical significance, making it a paradise for explorers seeking an authentic taste of Malta’s traditional way of life. Here you can enjoy a good swim in the sea, a stroll alongside the promenade, or some fun water sports and activities.

If you’re already keen on visiting Marsaxlokk, consider taking a Bolt to get to Marsaskala for the sunset. You won’t regret your decision, just take my word for it.

Marsaskala’s Fascinating History

Marsaskala’s history traces back to ancient times, evident from the various archaeological remains found in the area. The Phoenicians, Romans, and Knights of St. John have all left their mark on this coastal town.

As you wander through its charming streets, you’ll encounter historical landmarks, including the St. Thomas Tower, a coastal defense structure that once protected the island from invasions. This peaceful and serene spot is nothing like Malta’s busy towns and parishes such as St. Julian’s, Paceville, Sliema, and Bugibba.

How To Get to Marsaskala

Just like its more famous neighbor, Marsaxlokk, Marsaskala is easily accessible from the major cities of Malta.

The Malta International Airport is just a short drive away, and public transport connects the village to other parts of the island.There’s a direct bus line to Valetta. From Valetta, you can reach just about anywhere else on the island.

This convenient accessibility makes Marsaskala an ideal destination for travelers seeking a serene escape without venturing too far off the grid. You don’t really need to book a hotel in Marsaskala; you may as well have accommodation in Valetta and get an early ride to Marsascala to enjoy some quite time.

Marsaskala: Beach Destination in Malta

Marsaskala boasts several beautiful beaches, each with its unique charm. I’d have a difficult time if I were to decide which is the best Marsaskala beach. I loved my time spend on the sandy beach in St. Thomas Bay, but I also enjoyed the trip to St. Peter’s Pool, the Hofriet Window and the scenic Kalanka Bay.

St. Thomas Bay, also known as “Ir-Ramla,” is a popular spot for swimming and snorkeling, with its crystal-clear waters and sandy shoreline. Located right near the Marsaskala Marina, this is the place to be if you want to enjoy a lovely day at the beach in the east of Malta.

For a quieter retreat, Delimara Bay offers a more secluded setting, surrounded by rugged cliffs and abundant natural beauty. Spend your days basking in the sun, enjoying the refreshing sea breeze, and relishing the serenity of these hidden coves. The downside of these isolated spots is that you either need a car to get there, or you have to rely on Bolt drivers.

Best Things To Do in Marsaskala

Here are a few things to do in Marsaskala. Some of them are suitable only for the high season, while others are available all year round.

marsaskala sandy beach

Relax on St. Thomas Bay Beach

The sandy beach in St. Thomas Bay is one of the preferred spots of Maltese people. Families and groups of friends come to this beach to enjoy quality time together, to eat, to drink and to swim in the sea.

Rent a Kayak to Explore the Coast while Having a Lot of Fun

This daytime kayaking adventure is one of the best ways to explore the south coast of Malta at a slow pace. You’ll have the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful sea caves, and to swim in the crystal clear waters.

Click here to see how much a kayak rental tour costs and how you can secure your spot on this adventure.

Watch Dolphins in Their Natural Habitat

Dolphins are such nice creatures! If you want to watch them at large, in their natural habitat, all you need to do is to embark on this tour, here.

This tour is one of the fun things to do in Marsaskala, whether you manage to spot some dolphins or not.

Nobody can guarantee you that dolphins will be there for you. Nonetheless, the impressive cliffs and caves alongside Malta’s coast are there to stay, that’s for sure. You’ll get to see beautiful things, so click here to see the available dates and to book your trip.

Go on a Jet Ski Ride

For an adrenaline boost, you can rent a jet ski and go for a ride to test your skills. You can check out the availability and the cost of this ride here.

Dive To Discover Sea Caves & Marine Life


Take a Boat Trip

Boat trips are always fun. When you get to see sea caves and rocky shorelines, such trips get even better.

Here’s my article about Malta boat trips you can book online. I hope you find the ones you want.

st peter's pool malta

Visit St. Peter’s Pool

St. Peter’s Pool is one of the busiest swimming spots on the east coast of Malta.

Snorkeling in this bay is fun. Nonetheless, the only beach bar where you can buy some drinks is on top of a steep hill. Furthermore, this bar has no toilets. That’s not so fun.

delimara fort gun

Visit Delimara Peninsula

Delimara peninsula is a quaint place with scenic views. Here you can visit Delimara Fort and Tulliera Farm.

Take Part in the Marsaskala Festa

Each of the towns and villages in Malta celebrate their own festa. Festi (that’s the plural for festa) are religious celebrations of the patron saints of those villages or towns.

Marsaskala celebrates St. Anne on June 30th. If you happen to be in Malta, make sure you don’t miss this festa and the fireworks in Marsaskala.

Here’s my article about visiting Malta in June, you may want to read it to find out if that’s a good month for your visit.



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