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#1 Mdina Tour

Old Fountain in a square in Mdina

Mdina & Rabat City Walking Tour

  • -> Walking tour with a professional, fully licensed guide
  • -> All Mdina landmarks, palaces, and scenic views
  • -> The old quarter of Rabat
  • -> The tour ends at St. Paul’s Square in the center of Rabat
  • -> Duration: 2 hours
  • -> Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (88 reviews)

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Game of Thrones fans know that Mdina, Malta’s Silent City is one of the filming locations of this captivating and exciting show.

I’m one of these GoT fans, so it comes without saying that I had Mdina high on my bucket list of places to visit in Malta.

For a list of Mdina tours and tickets you can find on Viator, click here.

Boy with red shirt driving horse cart in Mdina of Malta

Is Mdina in Malta Worth Visiting?

Located in the heart of the main island of Malta, the medieval walled city of Mdina, the former capital of the country, is one of the island’s most historic and picturesque destinations.

With its narrow winding streets, ornate churches, grand palaces, and majestic fortified walls, Mdina offers an enchanting glimpse into Malta’s past and has become a must-see highlight for any visit to the Mediterranean island nation. This citadel makes you feel as if you truly were in the only silent city Malta has.

Dating back over 4,000 years, Mdina has a fascinating history and some of the most impressive architectural treasures in Malta.

But is Mdina worth visiting? The answer is a definitive yes. I loved it as much as to visit it twice within a few months’ time.

Mdina was the capital of Malta for centuries, until 1530 when the Knights of St. John moved the capital of the country to Birgu.

Also known as the “Silent City” due to its peaceful, tranquil atmosphere, it’s one of the country’s major tourist attractions.

Old Fountain in a square in Mdina

You may think that such a large number of visitors would contrast with the nickname of “Silent City.” That’s not the case, though. Most tourists flock to the main streets and the city squares. If you walk long enough and you take turns on the narrower streets, you may find yourself alone in this wonderful urban scenery.

Narrow street in Mdina, Malta

Does It Cost Money To Go into Mdina?

The entrance to Mdina is free of charge. You can stroll the streets of this lovely citadel without spending a dime.

While walking into the Mdina is free, there are a few attractions inside the walls that charge an entrance fee. Such attractions include St. Paul’s Cathedral and the museum across the square.

Using a horse drawn carriage to wander through the city also costs a fee. I haven’t used this service, and I have no idea how expensive or how cheap it is. I prefer walking and I’m fortunate to be able to do it without problems.

Mdina Malta

You may even find the odd horse on the narrow streets of Mdina

mdina pjazza tas sur bastion square

Top Attractions and Things To Do in Mdina

Here are some of the top things to see and do in Mdina that make it well worth a visit:

Walk the City Walls

Mdina sits on the highest hill in Malta. This makes it one of the best viewing spots on the island. Here you can enjoy panoramic views of the island from the high fortified walls surrounding Mdina, dating back to medieval and Roman times.

On Mdina’s city walls you’ll find lots of tourists no matter what time of year you choose to visit Malta. However, the impressive views make it well worth the trouble of putting up with the crowds.

If you put a coin into the telescope, you can have fun for a couple of minutes trying to identify various buildings and monuments.

Mdina walls Malta panorama

Explore St Paul’s Cathedral

Dedicated to Malta’s patron saint, this splendid Baroque cathedral stands on the site of an older Christian church. The first reference to a self-contained Christian community in Malta with its own Bishop and church dates from 592-599.

Tickets to St. Paul’s Church cost 10 Euro and they include also the visit to the museum across the square.

St. Paul’s Cathedral Visiting Hours:

  • Monday to Saturday: 9.30am5.00pm
  • Sunday: 3.00pm5.00pm

mdina fontanella tea garden

Tired of exploring Mdina’s charming streets? Stop for a rest and a nice cup of tea

Discover Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum

Palazzo Falson boasts a mix of medieval and Baroque styles, charming and well-worth the 10 Euro entrance fee.

Palazzo Falson Opening Hours:

Open Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (last entry).

The palace is closed on Mondays, as well as on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Click here to read more about the history of this wonderful palace in Mdina.

 Mdina: Casa Beaulieu on Pjazza-tas-Sur

Mdina: Casa Beaulieu on Pjazza-tas-Sur – one of the spots preferred by Instagrammers

Wander the Streets

Get lost meandering through the narrow, winding alleys lined with medieval houses, churches, and convents.

Choose from cozy cafes and restaurants scattered throughout the city.

Browse for handicrafts and souvenirs representing local art and culture. There are souvenir shops selling amazing jewelry and glass art.

I also liked a lot the thrift store near the main gate. They sell a wide array of dolls, old furniture, household items and various other things from the past. That shop reminded me of my childhood.

Malta: Mdina thrift shop dolls on staircase

Take a Walking Tour

Opt for self-guided audio tours or join a walking tour to delve deeper into Mdina’s past.

This tour, here, has excellent scores on Viator. Check it out now to see more details and to book your spot.

Click here to see another interesting option of a guided walking tour of Mdina and Rabat with a local guide.

Such tours are fairly cheap and they can help you explore the beautiful cities in a more efficient and effective manner.


Tips for an Enjoyable Visit to Mdina Malta

Visiting Mdina is easy enough to do in just a few hours, but here are some useful tips to make the most of your time there:

– Go early to avoid larger crowds in the afternoon
– Wear comfortable shoes for walking on cobblestones
– Dress for the weather – bring a hat, sunscreen, jacket, umbrella etc.
– Purchase tickets online ahead of time to skip ticket lines
– Consider a day trip from nearby Valletta or other locations
– Allow at least 2-3 hours to leisurely see the highlights
– Bring water and snacks since there are limited shops inside

How To Get to Mdina

Here’s how to get to Mdina from various locations in Malta:

Getting to Mdina is quite straightforward from anywhere on the island.

The fortified city of Mdina is located inland, about 9km from the capital Valletta.

From Valletta, you can take a bus directly to Mdina which takes around 45 minutes. The bus will take you to Rabat, which is the city surrounding Mdina.

From the bus stop, you’ll need to cross the park to get to the main gate of Mdina. You won’t see it, but you’ll find it with ease, either by following the crowds or by asking somebody for directions.

Rental cars can drive directly into Mdina’s city gates. Parking is available right outside the walls.

mdina gates parking

From Malta International Airport, you can catch a bus to Valletta and transfer, or take a taxi directly to Mdina in around 25 minutes. Other nearby towns like Sliema, Bugibba and Cirkewwa on the Northern coast are well-connected to Mdina by regular bus routes. The journey from these towns takes 30-60 minutes depending on traffic. Some guided tour companies also offer transportation to Mdina from hotels and major cities around Malta. With its central location, getting to Mdina is convenient for visitors staying anywhere on the island.

Conclusion: Mdina Is a Must-See Highlight of Malta

In a country filled with impressive historic sites, Mdina manages to stand out as one of Malta’s true highlights.

The chance to step back in time within its medieval walls and experience the rich cultural legacy of the “Silent City” makes Mdina a must-see attraction that is absolutely worth visiting during any trip to this magical Mediterranean island.

Things to see near Mdina

Just outside the walls of Mdina lies the suburb of Rabat, home to an intriguing attraction – the St Paul’s Catacombs.

Dating back to the 4th century AD, these underground catacombs were used as burials grounds by early Christians and form an extensive labyrinth stretching for over 2km. The eerie chambers contain over 1,000 tombs where members of noble Roman families were laid to rest.

St. Paul's Catacombs in Rabat, Malta - main entrance

Guided tours allow visitors to descend into the catacombs by candlelight and view archaeological remains, decorative tombs, altar niches, and ritual burial spaces.

I only bought an entrance ticket to the catacombs and I did the tour at my own pace.

The St Paul’s Catacombs offer an immersive glimpse into Malta’s early Christian heritage right next door to Mdina. As a matter of fact, Rabat boasts lots of such sites. The catacombs of St. Agathe, the catacombs of St. Catald or the ones of st. Augustine are also very close to the entrance to Mdina.

Don’t miss visiting these fascinating underground tunnels on a trip to Rabat and Mdina for a more complete experience.

Before you go, read my article about visiting St. Paul’s Catacombs.

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