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Saint Lazarus Church is one of the most prominent religious sites in Larnaca, Cyprus.

Located right on the central square of Larnaca, the church of St. Lazarus ( Agios Lazaros or Agiou Lazarou in Greek) is the perfect exponent of Byzantine architecture.

The church is built from limestone and it features an archway made from the same type of stone.

Here’s an overview of this historic church, how to visit it and what to expect.

Saint Lazarus Church Larnaca Cyprus

This is the central square in Larnaca with people around the Saint Lazarus church. It was a celebration that day. I took this photo from the balcony of my hotel, Alkisti City

How to Get To St. Lazarus Church

Located right in Larnaca city center on Agiou Lazarou Street, the church is impossible to miss, as it is the tallest building in the area.

Saint Lazarus Church is easily reachable on foot around town, at just over 1 km from Larnaca Promenade and Finikoudes Beach.

Taxi or bus from Larnaca Airport takes 10-15 minutes to get to Larnaca’s central square and Saint Lazarus Church.

larnaka Saint Lazaros Byzantine Museum

The Saint Lazarus Church & Byzantine Museum – beautiful facade and church tower

Where to Stay Nearby Saint Lazarus Church, Larnaca, Cyprus

I stayed at Alkisti City Hotel, just on the main square, near Saint Lazarus Church.

I highly recommend Alkisti City as one of the best 3-star hotels in Larnaca. Click here to check the current prices and to book your stay.

Sun Hall Hotel is another great accommodation option near the church of Saint Lazarus. Check out their room prices here.

With its long history and beautiful architecture, Saint Lazarus Church is certainly worth a visit when in Larnaca. It’s centrally located and convenient to reach from nearby hotels and attractions. Check out my article about Larnaca beaches and things to do to plan your trip.

larnaca sunset palm tree

Larnaca is a city featuring many historical buildings and religious settlements

About Saint Lazarus Church in Larnaca

Built in the 9th century, it is one of the oldest Byzantine churches in Cyprus.

The church is named after Lazarus of Bethany, the man Jesus raised from the dead.

His tomb lies under the church. That’s the tomb where he was buried the second time he died.

– Features Byzantine architecture and intricate stone carvings.

– Houses an ecclesiastical museum with religious artifacts.

Museum entrance in Larnaka center

Byzantine Museum entrance in the center of Larnaka, nearby St. Lazarus Church

Reasons to Visit Saint Lazarus Church

Here are the main reasons to visit the church of Saint Lazarus, should you travel to Larnaca, Cyprus:

– See Lazarus’ tomb and the underground crypt.

– View Byzantine-era frescoes and ornate interior.

– Experience Greek Orthodox services and chants.

– Admire the stone carvings on the church’s facade.

– Learn about the town’s history in the museum.

Where Is Lazarus Buried?

The Tomb of Lazarus is still erect today. It is right under the church in Larnaca.

As a matter of fact, the church has been built over the tomb.

You can visit the tomb of Lazarus in Larnaca. The marble sarcophagus is free to visit, as far as I remember.

Is the Church of Lazarus Worth Visiting?

I don’t think you should plan to fly to Larnaca only to visit this church and Lazarus’ tomb.

However, if you already plan to visit Cyprus, make sure to add Larnaca and this holy church to your bucket list.

Before you go, take a look at the photos below to see the night photo of the St. Lazarus church I took from the window of Alkisti Hotel.

city alkisti hotel larnaca

City Alkisti Hotel – one of the best accommodation options in Larnaca

Saint Lazarus Church by night

Saint Lazarus Church by night – the perks of staying at a central hotel in Larnaca – you get to take photos without leaving the hotel

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