When in Paris, taking the best shots of Tour Eiffel is one of the top priorities of the first-time visitors, and not only.

Since the Eiffel tower is the symbol of the city, it’s easy to understand why tourists wish to photograph it from different angles and at different moments of the day.

Here are my top 9 free places in Paris where you can find excellent views of the Eiffel Tower.

Please note that this is my personal top. I’m sure there are many other places with lovely Eiffel Tower views I’m yet to discover.

1. Voie Georges Pompidou / Avenue de New York

As you walk alongside the river banks from Pont d’Alma to Pont d’Iena you’ll find lots of photo opportunities that include the Tour Eiffel backdrop.

I like this vantage point because it allows capturing the Seine river with the boats, the lively banks, and the Eiffel Tower. That’s as ‘Parisian’ as it gets.

The big, lush trees also help with framing the Eiffel Tower in a stylish way.

Click here to find one of these photo spots’ location on the map.

eiffel view seine boats

eiffel tower view church

eiffel tower view people

2. Louvre Museum / Jardin des Tuileries

Even though the base of the Eiffel Tower isn’t visible, this spot is still one of the best places in Paris to capture some iconic shots of the city.

I like the sunny summer days photos with people seeking for shadow in the garden.

It’s also nice to know that you can move around to find the perfect framing for your photos.

eiffel view tuilleries

3. Galleries Lafayette – The Rooftop

The rooftop of Galleries Lafayette is an extremely popular spot for tourists willing to take memorable selfies and panoramic photos of Paris.

Expect crowds, even outside the high season.

You may have to wait for a while to find your favorite view without other people in it. However, it is possible to capture almost perfect shots.

The J’aime Paris sign attracts most people, so you may be able to find other vantage points that are less busy.

galeries lafayette paris j aime violeta matei

This rooftop is a very large area that includes also a restaurant. Créatures is the name of this restaurant that offers 100% vegetarian cuisine dishes.

If you want to enjoy the view to the full, you should book a table at this restaurant. Otherwise you’ll need to roam around to escape the crowds and to hunt for the best shots.

galeries lafayette paris terrace crowds eiffel view

eiffe view galeries lafayette rooftop

4. Printemps Store Rooftop Cafe

The rooftop cafe is one of the best places to enjoy gorgeous views of the Eiffel Tower.

Unfortunately, the terrace with the cafe was closed when I visited this department store.

Nevertheless, I could get some nice shots of Paris’ rooftops and of the Eiffel Tower.

eiffel view printemps department store

5. Trocadero

Trocadero deserves a spot in this top, but it isn’t my favorite place in Paris of all.

The crowds are annoying, there’s always someone spoiling your photos, there’s wind spoiling your hair, and there’s barely any shadow.

Yet, you can capture some beautiful shots, as you can see.


trocadero paris eiffel selfie wind

The wind ruined my Eiffel selfies at Trocadero

6. Avenue Kleber

Avenue Kleber is a quaint, peaceful street with Eiffel views.

I discovered it while looking for something else.

This reminds me of always looking back to see whether there are any photo opportunities I might miss.

This would have been one of them. Fortunately I looked back and saw this:

eiffel tower view kleber

7. Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidou offers not one but multiple vantage points of the Eiffel Tower and of other landmarks in Paris.

This building has external stairways running along transparent plastic tubes, allowing visitors to admire the city from multiple angles.

To get directions and insider tips check out my article about Centre Pompidou.

eiffel tower view from Centre Pompidou

pompidou centre panorama

Tour Eiffel spotting inside Centre Pompidou, in the free access section

8. Avenue Bosquet

This is another street on the left bank of the Seine river with Tour Eiffel views.

On a bright day you should be able to take better photos than mine.

tour eiffel avenue bosquet

9. Place de la Reine Astrid

Place de la Reine Astrid is on the left bank of the river, right near Place de l’Alma and the Flame of Liberty monument.

eiffel tower view river

Keep an eye on this article, as I’m going to update it with new places to spot the Eiffel Tower for free.

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