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Today’s guest author is Sydney. She kindly wrote this travel guide and shared her top of the best 5 places to visit in Kerala.

Where Is Kerala?

Looking for a travel guide to Kerala? Well, this is not surprising. Kerala is located in the south part of India and is full of diversity and fascination. Its breathtaking natural beauty earned Kerala a top position in any India travel guide one may come across while planning their trip.

Beautiful beaches, delicious cuisines, exotic wildlife, challenging mountain trail, serene backwaters, breath taking scenic beauty, and a lot more can be found here. I am sure that there is no place in the world where you will find all of these mentioned together.

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Have you heard about the famous beach of Kerala? Well, it is well-known all over the world for its great tourist attractions. The perfect mix of breathtaking beauty and historic importance is so unique that it needs no introduction.

Why Visit Kerala?

The best way to go about it is either by reading a travel guide to Kerala or directly experiencing the beaches of the state. Either way, you will surely get the essence of Kerala tourism and its beauty. Here are some of the great reasons why you should visit Kerala.

There are tour packages that you can opt for if you wish to travel around this state easily. These tour packages include accommodation in the lodges and the resorts along with the right number of water sports to keep you busy.

So, what are the benefits of opting for a travel guide to Kerala? Well, it is always recommended to get hold of a travel guide to any place, no matter what the subject matter is, without fail. It is just the case here.

You can have an insight into the rich cultural heritage of the state, the diversity of its flora and fauna, the land features, and even the religious sites and temples. The kind of information you can gather from a travel guide is priceless. It can take your mind off from every hindrance, everything you will encounter during your journey.

There are different tours available from which you can choose. Some of them include the adventurous tours, wildlife tours, religious tours, and heritage tours. Whatever it is, you will surely have a lifetime experience of the region and the most memorable moments are bound to remain with you forever.

What Is the Best Time of Year To Visit Kerala?

Make sure that you have all the necessary details ready and packed so that you do not face any sort of problem while traveling. You can easily book your tour package at the earliest time by using the online services. Fact, Kerala is one of the Best Places to Visit in India in June.

So, if you want to keep it simple, you can just click away from the computer, drive down to the town, and visit the place. Make sure you are aware of the latest updates so that you do not find yourself in a tangle of complications.

Tourists always look for a convenient mode of transport so that they can enjoy the place as much as possible. Thus, it is not farfetched that the online travel guides provide you with all the required information about the modern modes of transportation in Kerala.

The best part is that these tour packages are available for a very reasonable price. So, why don’t you make a trip to Kerala?

If you want to have a delightful stay in Kerala, you must visit some of the very exotic and beautiful places in the state.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Kerala

Here are top 5 places you can visit in Kerala.


Kumarakom is a very famous tourist destination. It is also a popular base camp for the wonderful activities like fishing, camel riding, trekking and many more. A number of hotels are available here to accommodate the tourists during their vacation.

Kumarakom hosueboat on water in Kerala, India

Kumarakom is known as ‘Golden Triangle’ in India, situated between Bangalore, Cochin, and Trivandrum. Kumarakom is also considered as a World Heritage Site. Tourists from all over the world visit this beautiful town to spend their holidays in a pleasant and memorable way.


Munnar is one of the most popular and loved destinations in Kerala. There are many interesting attractions here that will surely amaze you. A variety of resorts are present in Munnar that will make your stay extremely pleasant.

Munnar, one of the best places to visit in Kerala, India

This holiday destination has several well-known beaches that can provide you great fun during your holidays.


Thekkady is located in the hill station of Alleppey in the northern part of Kerala. This beautiful hill station is situated on the green glacial hills of Munnar.

Thekkady is the second oldest town in Kerala.

indiia alappuzha kerala reka derevia

Tourists come here to get a glimpse of the past which was a centre of the silk industry in the ancient times.


Alleppey is a lively town, where there are many markets, restaurants and clubs for the young people. This vibrant town is also famous for fishing and sailing. This region is ideal for those who love to go for a ride.

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Alleppey, one of the best places to visit in Kerala

There are many fishing spots present here, which attract the tourists in great numbers.


Varkala is an island paradise. It is home to several natural wonders that have inspired the writers of literature like D H Lawrence, John Cheever and the Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison. Varkala is also known as ‘White Beach’ because of its lush and white sand beaches.

Kerala Beach

Here is our travel guide to Kerala. Happy Travelling.

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