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When living in Europe, there are so many countries you can easily visit, that choosing a destination for your vacation can be difficult. When I used to have a regular job, I always had a hard time deciding where to spend my only one month a year time off. Because I like travelling by car, and because a little bit of seaside was a must, my most popular summer destinations were Turkey and Greece. Then Bulgaria’s seaside got lots of investments, so it became quite attractive, at least for a long weekend if not for a proper holiday.

Why not the Romanian seaside?

Some of you might wonder, since Romania has more than 200 km of seaside with long, beautiful beaches, with fine sand and shallow waters, why am I not considering it for the summer vacation. I guess that’s because I enjoy seeing and trying things that are different from the ones I grew up with. As a child, I spent about two weeks each summer on the Romanian seaside. I have nice memories, but now I’d rather go enjoy different landscapes, different foods, different cultures. Of course, if I can only spare two-three days, I’d definitely consider the Romanian seaside resorts. I have some tips for you, in case you want to visit, but that’s the topic for a future article.

Why UK? Isn’t it raining there all the time?

It’s almost February and I already had enough of the winter. I’m dreaming of next summer, I’m thinking about possible destinations, I’m making plans. I’ve just realised I never considered the UK seaside for a holiday. It’s understandable, since each time I’ve visited anything in the UK, it rained almost every day. Nonetheless, this year I’d like to try Blackpool or Brighton for a change. I’m not interested in sunny weather this time. I just want to see the places, eat specific foods, meet locals, enjoy the British spirit. One of the best options would be to go kayaking with the seals on a day trip from London. I haven’t told you yet, but I do love kayaking. I’ve done it in Greece, Turkey and Romania. Perhaps it’s time to add one more country to the list.

I did some research and I found enough cheap hotels in Blackpool to choose from. I’m sure I’ll find some good ones for Brighton as well, in case I decide to go there.

What I still don’t know is what time of year would be the best for visiting? I mean, when does it rain less? Perhaps some of you might help me with some suggestions, if you please. I’m thinking early September could be a good time, if I can get some cheap flights. I would stop in London for a few days, because I also want to visit Stonehenge. I would rent a car and drive it to Blackpool. I’m sure there will be heaps of cool sightseeing spots on the road, so I might return with some awesome photos for my blog. Another option, which is cheaper and probably more comfortable, would be to take a train. I haven’t made up my mind yet, but there’s no hurry. Anyway, I’d appreciate any tips you might have for my trip.

Now here’s what enticed me to think about Blackpool

I needed inspiration for a website and I was browsing Flickr, when I came across the following vintage photos from The Library of Congress’ photostream. The photos were taken somewhere between 1890 and 1900, I know, but I’m very curious to see if there’s anything of that spirit left to this day.

The Blackpool beach

The Blackpool beach before the swimming suit was invented. It must have been hard to get a sun tan those days. but it surely looks romantic.

Blackpool - The Central Pier

Blackpool – The Central Pier

Blackpool - The North Pier

Blackpool – The North Pier

Blackpool - The Promenade

Blackpool – The Promenade

Isn’t it lovely? I think I would have loved to live in those years, sit on the beach, walk on that promenade and maybe even go for a swim in that awesome, blue water.

I hope to get to Blackpool this summer, then I’ll update this article with photos I’m going to take. I’ll try to find the same spots these old photos were taken from, so we can compare them side by side.

Violeta Matei