How would you like to work remotely and travel?

Becoming location-independent is easy, provided that you find those jobs that allow you to work from anywhere in the world.

I’ve been location-independent since 2006 and I’ve worked from various countries such as Greece, Portugal, France, Hungary, and Romania.

Romania is my home country. This makes it difficult for me to find a place in Europe that’s cheaper than home.

Working remotely doesn’t mean you score less work hours per week than others. It simply means that your physical presence isn’t required for you to do your job.

How I Work Remotely

I have several income streams. This helps me get through the less productive periods.

Here are my most lucrative remote endeavors.

Travel Writing

I write about the places I visit, in order to help other independent travelers plan their own itineraries.

Whenever I visit a new place, I do my research beforehand to make sure I don’t miss any of the important landmarks.

I take lots of photos, making sure I get some very good ones. The best photos have a good potential for a coffee table book or for uploading them for selling them online.

Affiliate Marketing

I use various products and services, and then I recommend them to my readers. Whenever someone makes a purchase via my affiliate links, I earn a small commission from the vendor, at zero cost to the buyer.

Such commissions are small, but they can add up to nice amounts, provided that I can drive enough traffic to my websites.

One of the best affiliate networks I use is Shareasale. Click here to join it now and to see their offers.

Web Design

I use WordPress to develop websites. Divi, from Elegant Themes is my favorite theme. Click here to get it at today’s special sale price.

I use it to create child themes that suit my clients’ needs and specific preferences.


Some photographers make a nice living selling stock photos.

I’m still to see success with that, but I’ve sold a few copies of my best images. I’m still learning how to market my photography online.

What Are the Traits of Travel-Suitable Jobs?

The key factors that make these jobs suitable for travel are the ability to work from anywhere with a reliable internet connection, flexibility in choosing your work hours, and the independence of not being tied to a physical office location.

Of course, some industries are better suited than others to provide such jobs.

What Are Some Types of Remote Jobs?

Not all digital nomads operate their own businesses or freelance.

There are companies that allow their employees to work from anywhere. Thus, you can have a regular job, yet enjoy the freedom of choosing your own country to work from.

Even if many of your colleagues go to the office every day, you may still be able to negotiate your location-independence with your employer.

Another type of job is the one you can do at your destination. For instance, you can provide house sitting or pet sitting services in Europe, you can work as a flying dress photographer in Santorini, or as a local travel guide in a country, city or territory of your choice.

What Are Some Ideas of Best Location-Independent Jobs?

Here’s a list of remote jobs you can do while traveling the world:

  1. Web Developer/Programmer
  2. Graphic Designer
  3. Virtual Assistant
  4. Writer
  5. Blogger
  6. Copywriter
  7. Online Tutor/Teacher
  8. Social Media Manager
  9. PPC Manager
  10. Digital Marketing Specialist
  11. SEO Specialist
  12. Online Researcher
  13. Translator
  14. Freelance Consultant (in various fields such as marketing, business, IT, etc.)
  15. Online Customer Service Representative
  16. Online Data Entry Specialist
  17. Online Bookkeeper/Accountant
  18. Online Recruiter
  19. Online Sales Representative
  20. Online Marketer/Affiliate Marketer
  21. Online Photographer/Videographer (editing, selling stock photos/videos)
  22. Online Artist (selling digital art, designs, etc.)
  23. Online Course Creator/Instructor
  24. Podcaster/Vlogger
  25. Remote Project Manager

Check out these remote job listings to see if you can find work that best suits you.

How To Make the Transition from a Regular Job to a Remote One?

When I made the switch, I had enough savings to help me get through the first year. The amount of money one needs depends on specific conditions.

Living in a small town in Romania, for instance, is way cheaper than living in the 17th arrondissment in Paris. Living in the Algarve is cheaper than living in Lisbon.

If you want to go digital nomad, do the math to find out how much money you’d need to live in your desired places.

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Violeta Matei