Bulgaria is one of the lesser-known thermal spa destinations in Europe.

Varna, a Bulgarian city by the Black Sea, boasts an interesting open-air museum that reminds of the magnificent Baths of Caracalla in Rome, the Odessos Roman Baths. That’s proof the Romans made use of the thermal waters in this area.

Modern hotels such as Aquahouse Hotel & Thermal SPA put this thermal water heritage to good use to offer their customers a seamless spa experience.

Aquahouse is one of the best spa hotels in Bulgaria. I haven’t tried them all, but I’m working on that.

aquahouse thermal spa bulgaria

In Romans’ Footsteps, at Ensana Aquahouse, a 5-Star Resort and Thermal Spa

Aquahouse Hotel & Thermal SPA is a 5-star hotel that features a modern SPA with 6 indoor pools and 5 outdoor pools with thermal water. Two of the pools are heated, just perfect for colder fall or winter days.

Located in Saints Constantine and Helena Resort, less than 3km from the center of Varna, on the Bulgarian seaside, Aquahouse Health Spa Hotel was a very nice surprise for me.

They were kind to offer me a complimentary three-day stay. The accommodation and the spa access have been offered, but the opinions in this article are all mine.

I enjoyed two lovely sunrises, from the balcony of my room and even from my bed. I photographed the first one.

I also enjoyed the thermal water pools, the sauna, the steam bath and the wonderful promenade by the Saints Constantine and Helena seaside.

The funniest thing I’ve seen in Saints Constantine & Helene Resort was a giant statue of Neptune in the sea, at about 100 meters from the shore.

neptune bulgaria beach black sea

Here’s Neptune, fighting the waves, guarding the Bulgarian seaside of the Black Sea

Why Choose Aquahouse Resort & Thermal Spa for Your Beach Holiday in Bulgaria?

Located on the seafront, overlooking the sea, with a superb garden and a spa center larger and better equipped than those of many similar hotels in Bulgaria, Aquahouse is the perfect hotel for a quiet and cozy stay, even in the off-season.

Here are a few reasons why staying at Aquahouse in Saints Constantine & Helena is such a great idea.

aquahouse hotel bulgaria room

aquahouse hotel bulgaria

Spacious Rooms with Gorgeous Sea View

The hotel offers an extraordinary hospitality experience in its over 400 rooms and suites. Many of these rooms have sea view. These rooms overlook the outdoor pools.

There are also rooms with garden view, also beautiful and probably quieter. The garden and the surrounding park are very beautiful. The deciduous and evergreen plants, the rocks, the bridges and the alleyways are designed with the guests in mind. Wherever you look, you’ll see something beautiful and Instagram-worthy.

I stayed in a Superior Double Sea View room. It has At about 50 sqm, about the size of my two-room apartment. It is perfect for both couples and families with one or two children.

aquahouse hotel bulgaria violeta

My traditional photo in the bathroom mirror – I take one at all hotels I stay in

Aquahouse Hotel Bulgaria – Modern Amenities, Comfort, Cleanliness

The hotel has opened in 2022, and it shows. The decor and accessories are modern. Everything is spotless clean. I liked a lot the light fixtures, the faucets and the water fixtures.

The Wi-Fi connection is very good and has coverage everywhere, both in the rooms and in the common areas.

aquahouse spa hotel

Photo Copyright: Ensana Aquahouse Hotel

Thermal Spa, Wellness, Medical Therapies – Perfect Even in the Winter

Aquahouse offers a whole range of medical procedures and therapies, spa & wellness, based on the healing thermal water, a resource of beauty and health recognized for centuries.

The thermal mineral water has 46 degrees Celsius and is successfully used in treatments for prevention and healing of cardiovascular, endocrine diseases, as well as disorders of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Now, thermal water alone won’t probably heal you. Nonetheless, it can contribute to your overall health and wellbeing.

aquahouse hotel violeta matei

I love thermal waters!

What could possible be better than to float or to swim in warm water when it’s cold outside, to hear the birds chirping and to stop your eyes on the decorative plants between the rocks at the edge of the pool?

Activities for Children & Adults

At the Aquahouse Hotel wellness center you can do yoga and aqua gym, you can relax in the salt room, or you can enjoy professional therapeutic massages.

There’s yoga for kids at Aquahouse Gotel & Spa Bulgaria, should you want to introduce your children to this relaxing practice.

There are also peeling treatments, low frequency current treatments, magnetotherapy, pressotherapy, mud treatments, hydro-massage, diathermy and oxygen therapy.

New Year’s Eve packages at Aquahouse may include two, three or four nights’ accommodation, the New Year’s Eve party with dancing and entertainment, admission to the spa center and various other activities.

For details, go to the hotel’s official page. You might want to bookmark this page to always stay up to date with the new promotional offers and special packages.

varna, Bulgaria

Why Visit Varna, Bulgaria?

Varna is a town that, much to my surprise, counts more than 300,000 inhabitants. The city center includes a fairly large pedestrian area, with shops, restaurants, bars and terraces.

And churches.

And cats.

And lots of seagulls.

varna lighthouse

The lighthouse in Saints Constantine & Helena Resort, Varna, Bulgaria

Varna in November is quiet. Many shops and restaurants are closed for the winter.

However, there are enough places where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner, should you want to take a break from the all inclusive service in your hotel.

Have you ever been to Bulgaria? Dis you know there are many hot thermal springs in towns such as Varna, Sofia and Bansko?

Violeta Matei