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arosa camenna hut

Private Arrival Transfer: from Zurich Airport to Arosa

  • ? Private tour is operated with just your party and a guide/driver
  • ? Airport pick-up & Hotel drop-off
  • ? WiFi on board
  • ? Bottled water
  • ? Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

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Huge Icicle in Arosa, Switzerland

This is the biggest icicle I’ve ever seen. I took this photo in Arosa, Switzerland, a mountain resort where it was so cold that my camera froze open.

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Arosa is a chic mountain town in Switzerland, where snow can reach impressive thickness. Here you can ski or you can simply enjoy small pleasures such as horse carriage rides, wine and cheese tasting, and many other such things meant to make you feel good and relax.

Is Arosa worth a visit?

I’ve been to Arosa in the winter and I highly recommend it. You can take this trip to Arosa as part of this 5 days Switzerland itinerary.

The scenery is fabulous, with huge layers of snow, top-notch ski slopes, mountain chalets offering mulled wine and delicious cheese fondue.

Skiers and snowboarders from around the world flock to Arosa for its expansive slopes and excellent powder conditions, with over 200 kilometers of runs spread across the Arosa Lenzerheide ski arena. The ski resort boasts varied terrain for all ability levels, from gentle cruisers to challenging off-piste routes.

At night, Arosa comes alive with lively apres ski bars and restaurants, providing a cozy ambiance to unwind after a day on the mountains.

From sledding and snowshoeing to winter hiking on scenic trails, Arosa offers endless options for snowy adventures. With its traditional alpine charm and abundant winter activities, Arosa is a top destination for an unforgettable Swiss holiday surrounded by spectacular mountain vistas.

arosa camenna hut

Hot drinks and comfort foods inside

How do I get to Arosa, Switzerland?

From Lugano:

Take the train from Lugano station to Chur station (approx 2h30min).

In Chur, transfer to the Arosa train line operated by the Rhaetian Railway (approx 1h30min). The train goes directly into Arosa town center.

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From Milan:

Take a train from Milano Centrale station to Chur station (approx 3h30min).

In Chur, transfer to the Arosa train line, as mentioned above.

From Geneva:

Take a train from Geneva airport/city to Zurich main station (approx 3h). In Zurich, transfer to a train to Chur (approx 1h30min).

From Chur, the itinerary follows the above mentioned route.

You can also fly into Zurich Airport and follow the directions from Zurich above.

Other nearby airport options:

  • Fly into St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport, take a bus to Chur, then the Arosa train.
  • Fly into Friedrichshafen Airport (Germany), take a bus to Chur, then the Arosa train.
  • The most direct option is to take the train via Chur. Check SBB timetables online for best connections.

The Arosa train is a picturesque route up the mountains.

switzerland red train

The red train crossing the mountains, in a spectacular wintery landscape

chur arosa railway

switzerland train Chur Arosa

The train ride scenery is so beautiful that you feel like taking hundreds of photos.

The Chur – Arosa Railway Line – Scenic & Comfortable Journey

There’s only one rail route to the mountain village of Arosa. Whether you’ll be staying in Arosa for a few days or you’ll only want to enjoy a day trip to the top of the mountains, you’ll start your journey from the train station in Chur. As the train station is right in the center of the village, you may want to take some time to see around a little.

Chur is a charming village. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of time to explore all those narrow streets, but you can rest assured Chur is on my Switzerland bucket list. I found these photos for you, though, to see how cool it looks.

Swiss Oldest Town - Chur - aerial view

Panorama of Chur, the oldest town in Switzerland

Is Arosa nice in the summer?

With cooler temperatures than lower elevations, Arosa offers a refreshing escape to the mountains in summer while still providing plenty of things to do for visitors. The scenic setting combined with activities makes it an appealing Swiss destination year-round.

There are over 250km of marked hiking trails in the region perfect for enjoying the mountain scenery. Popular routes include the hike to Carmennahutte or to the Urdenfuerggli peak.

Is Arosa good for skiing?

Yes, Arosa is considered one of the best ski resorts in Switzerland and is renowned for its excellent skiing conditions. Here are some key reasons why Arosa is a top destination for skiing and snowboarding:

  • Extensive terrain – With over 200km of pistes across varied terrain, Arosa offers runs for all ability levels. There are long cruisers, steep black runs, moguls, tree skiing areas, and off-piste powder fields.
  • High elevation – The slopes are located at a high elevation point between 1800m to 2700m, guaranteeing good snow cover throughout the season.
  • Modern lifts – Arosa has fast, comfortable lifts and cable cars to transport skiers across its broad ski arena without long waits.
  • Stunning views – The pistes are surrounded by stunning mountain vistas of the Swiss Alps. Skiing while taking in these panoramic views is unforgettable.
  • Apres ski – Arosa has a buzzing apres ski scene with bars, clubs, and restaurants in the car-free village center.
  • Family-friendly – With shallow beginner slopes, a ski school, and childcare, Arosa accommodates families well.
  • Snowparks – There are fun snowparks for freestyle skiers and snowboarders with jumps, rails, half-pipes and more.
  • With such outstanding ski terrain, infrastructure, and ambiance, it’s no wonder Arosa is considered a premier Swiss ski destination that makes for an amazing winter experience.

Is Arosa good for beginners?

With its welcoming environment, patient instructors, and abundance of beginner terrain, Arosa enables even first-time skiers to pick up the sport while enjoying the incredible Swiss Alps.

Arosa has a high percentage of blue (easy) and green (very easy) runs, perfect for beginner skiers and snowboarders. These gentle slopes help build confidence. There are certain areas like the Tschuggen Beginners Park reserved just for beginners, away from more advanced skiers.

Arosa has high quality ski and snowboard schools with multi-lingual instructors. Group and private lessons are available for all ages. Special lifts like magic carpets and short conveyors help beginners in the ski school areas without needing to ride full-length lifts.

What airport is near Arosa Swiss?

For convenience, Zurich Airport has the most connections and is a relatively easy journey to Arosa via public transit.

Other suitable airports include St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport in Switzerland, Friedrichshafen Airport in Germany, and Milano in Italy.

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