Updated on July 20, 2019

Huge Icicle in Arosa, Switzerland

This is the biggest icicle I’ve ever seen. I took this photo in Arosa, Switzerland, a mountain resort where it was so cold that my camera froze open. Arosa is a chic mountain town in Swirzerland, where snow can reach impressive thickness. Here you can ski or you can simply enjoy small pleasures such as horse carriage rides, wine and cheese tasting, and many other such things meant to make you feel good and relax.

The Chur – Arosa Railway Line – Scenic & Comfortable Journey

There’s only one rail route to the mountain village of Arosa. Whether you’ll be staying in Arosa for a few days or you’ll only want to enjoy a day trip to the top of the mountains, you’ll start your journey from the train station in Chur. As the train station is right in the center of the village, you may want to take some time to see around a little.

Chur is a charming village. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of time to explore all those narrow streets, but you can rest assured Chur is on my Switzerland bucket list. I found these photos for you, though, to see how cool it looks.

Swiss Oldest Town - Chur - aerial view

Panorama of Chur, the oldest town in Switzerland