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With its year-round sunny weather, Egypt offers incredible adventures no matter when you visit. It is even possible that you go directly from Cairo airport to Giza Pyramids, should you want to avoid checking into a hotel in Cairo.

But the ideal timing depends on your main trip goals – whether exploring ancient ruins, cruising the Nile, or relaxing at Red Sea beach resorts.

best time to go to egypt

I took a 2-week trip to Egypt in January. The weather was perfect for visiting; not too hot, not too cold, perfect t-shirt temperatures.

The Nile cruise in January was also pleasant, even though the weather was a bit windy.

The beach time in Hurghada was also nice, suitable for bathing in the Red Sea.

Pyramids on Gizeh plateau, Egypt

The Pyramids of Giza in January, as seen from the main road from Cairo

Visiting the Pyramids & Historical Sights

The cooler months from October through April are best for temple-hopping and avoiding extreme heat at popular sites like the Pyramids of Giza.

Winter sees fewer crowds and lower prices after the holidays.Check out my article about the must-see Egypt attractions to see what to expect if you go to Egypt in January.

March and April offer ideal weather in the 70-80°F range. Spring is also lovely with cooler temperatures and blooming wildflowers.

Felluca ride is over

How’s your balance? Mine was rather poor, but luckily I got some help before falling into the Nile – I was on a felucca ride during our Nile cruise

Nile River Cruising

September to November provides pleasant weather in the 70-80°F range for cruising the Nile in luxury.

March through May is another ideal window with warm sunny days for sightseeing stops.

Avoid mid-June to August when summer heat can be oppressive on the water.

Hurghada, Egypt - All inclusive resort - pool view

Even though it was cloudy, the temperature was very pleasant, good for bathing; the Red Sea wasn’t too cold, either.

Beach Getaways & Watersports

For swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing and other water fun, visit the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts from April to October when average temperatures range from the 70s to 90s °F.

The warmest waters are from July to September. Spring and fall offer warmer weather with fewer crowds.

Here’s an article about the best things to do in Hurghada to keep you inspired.

Camel close-up, Egypt

Those camels have pretty funny faces. Some of them were for hire. I heard this story that their owners would invite tourists to a camel back ride, then ask them for money to give order to the camel to kneel, so that the rider could descend.

Desert Camping & Camel Treks

Trekking the Sahara and sleeping under the stars is best from October to April when temperatures dip down into the 60s-70s°F range at night. Winter sees rare rain showers. Avoid the scorching summer heat over 100°F from May to September.

While Egypt offers year-round sunshine, the best time depends on your chosen activities. Use this guide to pick the ideal season for exploring Egypt’s ancient wonders, sailing the Nile, and enjoying beach getaways or desert adventures based on weather patterns and crowds.

Deciding the Best Time to Visit Egypt

With its ancient wonders and storied history, Egypt attracts millions of visitors every year.

But when’s the ideal time to go to Egypt?

Let’s examine the weather, the crowds, and the most important events month-by-month to help you determine the best time to visit Egypt.

Weather in Egypt by Month

Egypt has a hot, arid climate. Here are average temperatures in major cities like Cairo and Luxor:


Celsius: 12°C high, 4°C low
Fahrenheit: 54°F high, 39°F low


Celsius: 15°C high, 6°C low
Fahrenheit: 59°F high, 43°F low


Celsius: 19°C high, 8°C low
Fahrenheit: 66°F high, 46°F low


Celsius: 24°C high, 11°C low
Fahrenheit: 75°F high, 52°F low


Celsius: 28°C high, 15°C low
Fahrenheit: 82°F high, 59°F low


Celsius: 31°C high, 18°C low
Fahrenheit: 88°F high, 64°F low


Celsius: 33°C high, 20°C low
Fahrenheit: 91°F high, 68°F low


Celsius: 33°C high, 21°C low
Fahrenheit: 91°F high, 70°F low


Celsius: 31°C high, 19°C low
Fahrenheit: 88°F high, 66°F low


Celsius: 28°C high, 16°C low
Fahrenheit: 82°F high, 61°F low


Celsius: 23°C high, 11°C low
Fahrenheit: 73°F high, 52°F low


Celsius: 17°C high, 7°C low
Fahrenheit: 63°F high, 45°F low

Pros and Cons of Visiting by Month


Pros: Cooler weather. Lower prices after holidays.
Cons: Some attractions keep shorter hours.


Pros: Pleasant weather before summer heat. Good deals.
Cons: Some sites still on shorter winter hours.


Pros: Warm but not hot. Wildflowers bloom. Lower crowds.
Cons: Can be windy, especially in desert.


Pros: Best weather of the year. Ideal for sightseeing.
Cons: Easter week can be busy and expensive.


Pros: Temperatures perfect for outdoor activities.
Cons: Popular time leads to higher hotel rates.


Pros: Summer vacation time brings more services.
Cons: Blistering hot weather. Peak tourist crowds.


Pros: Hot but not extremely. Prices start to decrease.
Cons: Still quite warm and crowded at sites.


Pros: Heat decreases. Pleasant sightseeing weather.
Cons: Crowds remain relatively high.


Pros: One of the cooler, comfortable months to visit.
Cons: Some attractions scale back hours or close.


Pros: December is peaceful with smaller crowds.
Cons: Some hotels and restaurants close in resort towns.

No matter when you go, Egypt offers awe-inspiring history and culture. Use this month-by-month guide to help pick the best time for your ideal trip!

best time to visit egypt

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