Is trekking in your blood? Maybe you want to know what it’s the best time to go to Everest Base Camp, one of the most popular treks worldwide.

When is the Best Time to Trek to Everest Base Camp?

Briefly, the best time to go to Everest Base camp in terms of weather is March-April or October-November. As these months are considered high season, the trek is also very crowded. Shoulder seasons include May and September, when crowds are lower, but chances of rain and cloudy skies are higher.

I did the EBC trek in the beginning of May. We didn’t have too much rain on the trail, but we got lots of clouds that obstructed the view of the mountain peaks.

Planning to trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp? Deciding when to go depends on your preferences for crowds, prices, and weather. Here’s a breakdown of the best times to trek by month, along with what to expect during each season in the Himalayas.

Everest Base Camp Trek view from Dingboche

High Season: March, April, October and November

The busiest and most popular times for Everest Base Camp treks are during the months of March through the beginning of May, and October to November.

Expect warm days, cold nights, clear skies, and the most fellow trekkers on the trails.

Book lodges well in advance and anticipate higher rates. We chose to hike with a guide. He did booked the tea houses for us as we progressed on the trek. There were days when the lodges were full of people, particularly in Tengboche, Lobuche and Gorakshep, where the accommodation offer is scarce.

Everest View with Clouds

Everest was shy that morning; that’s all it allowed us to view


Warmer temperatures and snow melting make trekkers’ life a bit easier. There is potential for some rain. Trails can be muddy but crowds are thinner than October rush. Nonetheless, I’ve seen days when the trail was so crowded that we had to wait or go extremely slowly for hours in a row.

monsoon selfie violeta

This was the only day when I got to wear my rain gear (fortunately)


Temperatures continue warming leading to very muddy trails. Fortunately, last year was rather dry, so I didn’t have to put up with mud on the path.

Rhododendron blooms and greener landscapes make April-May the perfect time for the EBC hike.


Mild days and cold nights. Clear skies reveal outstanding views. Busiest month on the trail with other trek groups.


Crisp weather, fewer crowds after October rush. Clear skies continue to showcase Himalayan vistas. Last chance for clear trek before winter snow.

Shoulder Season: December and September

In December and September you’ll encounter fewer crowds, cheaper rates, and enjoyable weather. The trails will be less busy than the October rush. You may experience some rain or snow at higher elevations.


Cold with light snow possible at higher passes. Still clear enough weather for breathtaking views on good days. Fewer fellow trekkers than October/November.


Warm sunny days make hiking pleasant without crowds. Potential for some rain showers typical of monsoon season tail end.

Low Season: January, June, July, August

For the lowest rates, smallest crowds, and a challenging trek, consider January through August. The trade-off is colder winter temps and increased chance of clouds obscuring views.


Coldest time of year with freezing temperatures. Heavy snow can make passes tough or impossible. Remote lodges may be closed. Few other hikers around.


Wettest time of year with monsoon rains. Snow melting causes very muddy trails. Clouds often obscure mountain views during wet season.

I did the EBC trek with return via Chola Pass and Gokyo. I was still on the trek after May 15th. I was impressed with the torrents coming down the mountain, flooding valleys and paths.


Tail end of monsoon means potential for rain showers. Muddy trails start to improve later in season. Warmer weather and fewer crowds than fall.

sagarmatha national park violeta

Permits and Guides

No matter when you trek, you’ll need permits and to hire guides/porters for logistic support. Prepare properly with training, gear, insurance and altitude acclimatization. Read this article about how I trained for Everest Base Camp trek.

If you need details on expenses on the mountains, check out my other article about the Everest Base Camp trek cost.

When To Go to EBC?

For outstanding views with manageable weather and trail conditions, October and November are ideal times to trek to Everest Base Camp.

The low season offers adventurous trekkers beauty and solitude.

The shoulder season offers the best of both worlds. My return via Chola Pass and Gokyo was much better than the first part of the trek, as there were barely any people on the trails. We had the mountain almost to ourselves for most of the time.

Cho La Pass Glacier

Cho La Pass – The Crossing of the Glacier – snowy in May

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