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If you need to find a medical spa in Europe and you happen to have Romania on your bucket list, you’ll like the idea I’m going to share here. But first let’s see what a medical spa is and why would anyone prefer it to a regular spa and wellness center.

What Is a Medical Spa?

A medical spa is a happy mix between a traditional spa and a medical center. Here you can enjoy all the relaxation of a day spa, as well as various procedures such as detox, wellness, anti-aging, weight loss, and healthy nutrition programs.

The main difference between a medical spa and a regular one is that the medical spa requires medical doctors to run it.

Bali Spa Cornu – Indonesian Style Medical Spa in Europe

At less than 1.5 hours’ drive from Bucharest, in a hillside setting, there’s a village named Cornu. Less popular then the neighboring mountain resort, Breaza, with its Lac de Verde golf club and resort, Cornu is home to one of the few Indonesian style medical spas in Europe, Bali Spa Proestetica Sana.

To see available rooms and to book accommodation at Bali Spa Cornu, click here.

This medical spa center is also a four-star hotel, one of its kind in Romania. The hotel counts 15 rooms only, each of them with its own private bathroom. This makes it perfect for peaceful relaxation, since you don’t have to put up with crowds, tourist buses and long lines to use the available amenities.

Luxury accommodation at Bali Medical Spa

Double bed in Bali medical spa in Europe

Work desk in a medical spa in Europe - furniture from Bali with beautiful carvings

Although not the Olympic size, the swimming pool is everything you could wish for. Set in a large hall with luxuriant greenery and with rattan chairs and coffee tables, this is the perfect place to hang out with friends on a lazy afternoon or to enjoy a laid back swimming session.

Swimming pool of Bali Spa Cornu

Swimming pool and recreation corner at Bali Spa Romania

There’s free wi-fi in all rooms and in public areas. You also get complimentary bathrobes, slippers and spa towels. The furniture is authentic and it comes from Bali. The simple and stylish decor, the attention to detail, and the beauty of the carved wood will induce a relaxation mood, perfect for those who want to forget their mundane worries for a while.

Services You Can Enjoy at this Medical Spa in Romania

Bali Spa offers a wide range of spa and wellness treatments and services, including consultations with medical doctors, custom treatment programs, massage, sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and fitness.

The strongest asset that makes them stand apart from any other medical spa in Europe (or at least in Romania) is the Balinese massage offered by Indonesian therapists.

Here are a few of the Bali traditional therapies you can also enjoy in this relaxation and wellbeing center:

  • Traditional facial massage
  • Volcanic rocks massage
  • Milk & Honey massage
  • Anti-cellulite massage

Among the more complex massage techniques and rituals there are:

  • Zen for mind and soul
  • Anti cellulite and slimming therapy
  • Marine ritual

These therapies are between 90 and 150 minutes long, and they employ various traditional techniques and procedures originating from Bali.

On the medical side, you can benefit from face and body cosmetic procedures such as lipolysis, lymphatic drainage massage, pressotherapy cellulite treatments, and electrostimulation. All of these procedures are performed under strict medical control.

Jacuzzi room at a medical spa in Europe

Bali medical spa massage therapy room

Medical spa treatment room with bed and window

Bumbu Bali – Indonesian Cuisine & More

One of the best things about a vacation in this medical spa is that you don’t need to search for restaurants to enjoy a nice meal and a glass of wine.

At Bumbu Bali, the restaurant of Bali Spa, you’ll find Asian fusion cuisine, Romanian traditional cuisine, and international cuisine with French and Italian influences.

I was their guest for lunch and I loved the food.

Here’s a video presentation of the spa and of the various amenities:

Who Runs This Medical Spa in Europe?

The purveyors of this blessed oasis of wellbeing and relaxation are two medical doctors, Dana Jianu and Stefan Jianu. This couple of esthetic surgeons has dedicated time and energy (and a substantial investment, I’d say) to create the first holistic weight loss and wellbeing center in Romania, in a location with a mild and pleasant climate, at the same altitude as Davos, in Switzerland.

I’ve had the pleasure to be their guest on the occasion of an event they’ve organized to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their medical clinic, ProEstetica, one of the pioneers of cosmetic and plastic surgery in Romania. I had the opportunity to learn about the latest regenerative medicine procedures the two surgeons have recently added to their range of services. It was a nice surprise to find out that the fat deposits on my hips and belly are actually among my most valuable assets, as they can serve to enhance my look and to wipe off some the early signs of old age onset.

Although the visit was too short for me to try any of their therapies and massages, I loved the overall atmosphere and the way this serene location induced a warm and cozy feeling that lasted throughout the entire day.

If you think to give this medical spa in Europe a try, click here to see the latest prices.

Bed in Bali Spa Romania

Photos by Paul Buciuta.


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