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One of the best things about Paphos beaches is that they come in a wide array of styles, shapes and sizes. Whatever your preferences, you can rest assured there’s one beach in Paphos that fits you like a glove.

The best Paphos beaches are the ones that boast fine sand and crystal-clear, turquoise water, free from algae or other residue. There are probably dozens of such small beaches scattered along the coast from Paphos Castle to the harbor and even beyond that.

paphos beaches

Main Topics of Paphos Beaches: There’s a Beach for Every Taste

Coral Bay Beach

Located around 12 km north of Paphos, Coral Bay is one of the most crowded beaches in the area. This is a popular and lively beach with clear, calm waters perfect for swimming and watersports.

coral bay cyprus

There are restaurants and shops nearby, as well as various accommodation options. Coral Beach Hotel & Resort in Coral Bay is the biggest hotel around. It overlooks the bay and the beach and it is so big that you can’t miss it.

paphos castle flowers

paphos castle – the Paphos Municipal Beach is beneath the castle

paphos municipal beach rocks

Paphos Municipal Beach

Situated along the coast closest to Kato Paphos harbor, this beach is at walking distance from any hotel in the Kato Paphos area.

This beach has the famous Paphos medieval castle overlooking it. It also has a pedestrian boardwalk lining it.

  • Location – It is located right next to the picturesque Kato Paphos harbor, the heart of the city’s tourism area. The beach sits just northwest of the medieval Paphos Castle.
  • Distance from Kato Paphos – The beach is walkable from anywhere in central Kato Paphos. It is less than 500 meters from the harbor and under 1 km from most hotels and restaurants.
  • Characteristics – Paphos Municipal Beach has rocky shores and shallow calm waters that are perfect for swimming. There is a pedestrian boardwalk lining it.
  • Amenities – As a Blue Flag awarded beach, it contains amenities like showers, changing rooms, sunbeds, lifeguards on duty, watersport rentals, and cafes/bars nearby.
  • Atmosphere – Families and couples frequent this beach. It gets lively during high season but maintains a relaxed vibe. Not as crowded as other regional beaches.

So for its supreme convenience to Kato Paphos, Paphos Municipal Beach is the nearest and easiest beach option. It allows quick and easy access from Paphos hotels and the harbor area.

Shallow waters and wooden sunbeds make it good for families, even though children won’t be able to built sand castles there.

Older couples frequent this beach. It gets lively during high season but maintains a relaxed vibe. Not as crowded as other regional beaches.

paphos alykes beach sand tree

Alykes Beach, Paphos, Cyprus

Alykes Beach

Located in Lower Paphos north of the harbor, Alykes Beach is known for its dark sand and gentle waves. The sand is mixed with pebbles. There are umbrellas and sunbeds for rent.

  • Location – Alykes Beach is situated around 2 km northwest of Kato Paphos harbor, along the coastal road leading to Coral Bay.
  • Distance from Kato Paphos – It is only a few minutes drive or 25-30 minute walk from central Kato Paphos. Slightly farther than Municipal Beach.
  • Characteristics – Alykes is a sandy beach with some small pebbles mixed in. It has pale greyish-gold colored sand. The seabed shelves gently making it good for families.
  • Amenities – As a Blue Flag beach, Alykes contains amenities like sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, toilets, showers, lifeguards, nearby restaurants, and watersports.
  • Atmosphere – Alykes has a lively, popular vibe, with a mix of tourists and locals. Gets crowded in summer. The sea can have some waves.
  • Nearby – The Alykes Wetlands are close by which are scenic and popular with birdwatchers.

So in summary, Alykes Beach is a short distance from Kato Paphos making it another convenient option.

paphos faros beach

My knees enjoying the Faros Beach in Paphos

Faros Beach / Lighthouse Beach

Located near the center of Kato Paphos, the Lighthouse Beach is a great choice for those who want to stay close to the restaurants and shops area. The organized beach is rather small, but it is surrounded by a wild natural area with rock pools.

Not only is it very picturesque but also interesting, as there are tiny crabs and other miniature sea-life creatures doing their thing in those little holes and crevices of the rock slabs. That’s probably why I chose it for most part of my stay in Kato Paphos. I loved watching the little baby crabs hiding inside those holes in the shallow water.

Even though the Faros Beach appears to be close to the lighthouse, there’s no way to enter the Kato Paphos Archeological Park from this side of the fence. You need to walk your way to the harbor to find the main entrance to the park, and then walk again to the lighthouse.

The Faros Beach has lifeguards on duty, toilets, showers, sunbeds, umbrellas, and a beach bar selling refreshments and drinks.

Geroskipou Beach / Yeroskipou Beach

Found east of Paphos, near the village of Geroskipou. It’s a quieter pebble and sand beach that’s good for relaxation.

Even though Geroskipou Beach is a bit farther from Kato Paphos compared to Municipal Beach and Alykes Beach, it is still a nice option in the Paphos area. Here are some key details:

  • Location – Geroskipou Beach is located around 7km southeast of Paphos harbor, near the village of Geroskipou.
  • Distance from Kato Paphos – It is about a 15-20 minute drive from central Kato Paphos. More distant than the other two beaches mentioned.
  • Characteristics – This beach has a mix of sand and small pebbles. It’s quite long, spanning over 1km. The water is shallow and calm, backed by low cliffs.
  • Amenities – As a Blue Flag beach, Geroskipou has amenities like sunbeds and umbrellas, showers, lifeguards in season, and a few tavernas.
  • Atmosphere – It has a relaxed, laidback vibe. Not as crowded as other beaches closer to Paphos. Popular with local families.
  • Nearby – The beach is not far from Geroskipou village which has some restaurants, shops, and cafes.

In summary, Geroskipou Beach is a little farther from Kato Paphos but a nice quieter beach option in the region, great for getting away from crowds. It offers easy parking and facilities as well.

Vrysoudia Beach

A small secluded pebble beach surrounded by cliffs, about 5 km southwest of Paphos. No amenities but very scenic.

agios georgios beach deck

Agios Georgios Beach, Paphos, Cyprus

Agios Georgios Beach

Situated north of Coral Bay, this sheltered sandy beach has refreshing crystal clear water that’s great for swimming and snorkeling.

You can reach Agios Georgios beach from Kato Paphos by bus.

The bus stop in nearby the beautiful Agios Georgios church, with its scenic panorama of the deep blue sea.

Here are some photos of this beautiful coast and of the Agios Georgios church:

agios georgios church paphos

agios georgios church paphos-panorama

agios georgios church rock

paphos lizard


Ayios Neophytos Beach

Found down winding roads at the foot of a monastery. Quiet and secluded beach spot.

Some of the best beaches in Paphos are located right in front of luxurious 5-star hotels and resorts. Many of them are rocky and lack the fine sand many of us love, but they offer all the comfort you may want from a beach. Sometimes, sunbeds and umbrellas are set on manicured lawns, a few meters away from the waterfront. Here are some notable ones:

  • Annabelle Beach – In front of the 5-star Annabelle Hotel along Paphos’ coastal road. A Blue Flag beach with water sports and a tropical vibe. Sun lounges and umbrellas available.
  • Almyra Beach – Belonging to the Almyra Hotel, this sandy beach has great facilities. The sea is shallow, making it family-friendly.
  • Elysium Beach – Located below the Elysium Hotel, known for its tall palm trees. A lively atmosphere and waterfront restaurants.
  • Amara Beach – Sandy beach lined with sun lounges stretching out from the luxurious Amara Hotel. Relaxing vibe.
  • Olympic Lagoon Resort Beach – A laidback sandy lagoon beach surrounded by lush gardens, part of a 5-star resort.

paphos beaches hotels

paphos seafront gazebos

paphos seafront resort

Many of these hotel beaches provide amenities like food and drink service, water sports, and comfortable lounge chair setups for guests. They offer a refined beach holiday experience in Paphos.

If you’re looking for vibrant nightlife and a more animated atmosphere, you may be better off with staying in Ayia Napa instead. Check out my article about getting from Paphos to Ayia Napa. It’s easier than you’d think.

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