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Pera is one of the quiet villages in Algarve, Portugal, where time unfolds at a slower pace, allowing you to enjoy life, relax, and forget about the mundane. Pera was my home for a few months. That turned out to be one of the most amazing winters I’ve ever lived. Let’s see some facts about Pera and why you may want to choose it as your base for an Algarve vacation. Pera, Portugal is home to The International Sand  Sculpting Festival that takes place here every year since 2003. I haven’t attended this festival, so I can’t provide any details in regard to whether or not they still organize it this year.

Where Is Pera, Portugal?

Pera is located on the Algarve coast of Portugal, at about 15km from Albufeira, in the Silves district. What makes it the ideal location for an Algarve vacation is that it is in the middle of this coastline, thus enabling you to explore the entire coast. You’ll be able to reach Silves, with its Moorish Castle, Carvoeiro, with its scenic cliffs, and even Sagres, with its Cabo de San Vicente, the southwestern-most point of Europe.

What To See & Do in Pera

If all the you want is a beach vacation, you can stay in Armacao de Pera, the nearby seaside resort. The beach here is fabulous, and there are many restaurants, bars and coffee shops. You won’t miss a thing during your vacation. There are some cool beach bars where you’ll love to hang around during the hottest time of the day. If you’re an early riser, you’ll be bale to see fishermen dragging their boats into the sea every morning. It’s cool to watch them doing that.

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If you like nature and you’re up for some explorations in the area, head over to the sand dunes down from Armacao de Pera and Praia Grande de Pera, and you’ll reach one of the most beautiful natural reserves in Europe. There’s a wooden walking path going along the reserve, so you won’t need to struggle with the sand while waking. This natural reserve is home to many species of birds.

You can start your walk through water or on the beach along the entire 3km sand stripe to get to the natural reserve. This is an excellent opportunity to get your daily dose of health by walking barefoot at least once a day throughout the entire duration of your Algarve vacation.

If you don’t care about spending most of your time relaxing on the beach, you may want to visit Pera during winter. January, for instance, is the month when almond trees blossom. The hundreds of almond trees scattered along a huge area create an impressive scenery you won’t get enough of. The ruin mills add to the beauty of this place and offer amazing photo opportunities.


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