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The best travel pants for women are the ones that feel comfortable while also looking stylish. Depending on the season and on the occasion, you may want to go for a cool pair of lightweight hiking pants, cargo pants, or some stylish jeans. Sometimes, the countries and the climate may influence your choice of what to wear.

The best travel pants for Europe, for instance, may not be suitable for Asia. There are cities in Europe where you can’t roam around wearing sweatpants or leggings without attracting all the looks. Besides, churches, monasteries, basilicas and cathedrals usually require outfits that cover your knees. In Meteora, for example, I had to put one of their skirts over my regular travel pants, because the monks considered that the shape of my legs was too obvious.

While cargo pants for women suit almost all situations and travel conditions, they will add bulk to your silhouette. If you want your curves to show, you may need to give up cargo pants and go for some stretchy dress pants for women. High-waist pants are trendy right now. Whatever your choice, remember that footwear is also important. Check out these travel shoes for women to see if they suit you.

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What To Look for in a Good Pair of Travel Pants?

As easy as this may seem, buying travel pants can be tricky, particularly when you want the best quality at a reasonable price. Good looking, high-quality ones are oftentimes expensive. Cheap ones are usually uncomfortable.

I love The North Face pants. Although they have some lovely models for women, you should take a look into the men’s aisle, too. The last pair I’ve bought look great on me, despite the fact that they are for men. I can’t link you to that particular model, as it’s rather old and no longer available for sale. Click this link to see some of the best travel pants from The North Face that are currently available.

Comfort, looks and convenience are the main things to look for when shopping around for travel pants:

They should be lightweight, so that you can travel light.

They should look good on you and have lots of pockets, so that you can store your most needed items. A stretchy fabric is best for long flights and for difficult hikes.

The best travel pants should also be fast-drying, especially when it comes to longer trips or difficult hikes.

Travel Pants for Women – Ideas To Suit All Styles & Preferences

This isn’t a shopping list but rather a collection of ideas of the best travel pants for women to help you with your research work. It covers different styles such as cargo pants, capri pants, straight leg pants, and yoga pants. Choose the style you like and see if my options are the same as yours.

SCOTTeVEST Margaux Cargaux Travel Pants – Best Cargo Travel Pants for Women


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One of the things I like most about these pants is that they have 11 pockets. I always like to have my phone, my glasses, my camera lens cleaning brush and my money readily accessible. At the same time, I’m afraid to put everything in a backpack, as that would be an easy target for burglars.

The quick drying, breathable fabric is a great choice for the summer. If you want, you can pull the lateral ankle ties to turn them into cargo capri pants. Personally, I’d wear these pants on summer hikes and during city breaks, when expect to walk for long hours in the sun. Nevertheless, on very hot days, I’d give up pants in favor of a sheer dress.

As you can probably see from the image, these pants feature a fold-over waistband. This is a convenient feature, as it makes the pants really comfortable. The drawback, though, is that they can make you look a bit bigger than you are.

These pants are available in three color options: black, gray and olive.

You can buy the SCOTTeVEST Margaux Cargaux travel pants for women here.

Columbia Women’s Just Right Straight Leg Pant

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If you want some comfortable and functional travel pants that also make you look slender, Columbia’s Just Right Straight Leg will make an interesting option to take a closer look at.

They feature one single security pocket with zip-closure. If you don’t need to carry around bulky items, this pocket would surely do.

These straight leg pants are made from a stretchy fabric which is also stain-proof and waterproof. In addition, the UPF 50 signature Columbia fabric provides effective protection against UVA and UVB rays.

I’d wear these pants on sunny days, during city explorations. I find them perfect for urban travel and city breaks, as they allow you to feel at ease while exploring, but also to look slim and elegant.

You can see more details and buy the Columbia Just Right travel pants for women here.

prAna Women’s Halle Pants

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Apparently, these prAna Women’s Halle pants are among the most popular choices of women who want to travel in comfort, but without looking too touristy. The are perhaps the best pants to travel in Europe, as they will make you blend in much better than cargo pants or hiking pants.

Available in a wide range of colors, the Prana Women’s Halle pants are easy to pair with any top. Just buy them in a neutral color, and you’re all set to wander across Europe in comfort and style. You can even dress up by wearing an elegant top for fancy dinners or other parties.

I prefer to have more pockets while traveling, this being my pet peeve when it comes to cute travel pants like these ones.

You can read more and buy the Prana Women’s Halle pants here.

prAna Midtown Capri Yoga Pants for Women

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Although designed for yoga, these capri pants are made from a lightweight and comfortable fabric, being therefore an excellent choice for women who travel.

Fast-drying and made from recycled materials, these pants need no ironing. This makes them even better (have I told you how I hate ironing during hot summer days?) for girls who don’t like the wrinkled look of their clothes after a long flight.

Their cut suits curvy women. Make sire that you read the product description and the user reviews before you buy, in order to get the right size for you from the very beginning.

You can read more about the prAna Midtown Capri pants or purchase them here.

These are only a few ideas of travel pants for women to get you started on your research for your Europe travel outfits. In fact, I never travel with a single pair of pants. I like to have a spare pair, just in case.

When hiking, I usually take my The North Face hiking pants, a pair of jeans and some comfy trainers to wear at the chalet after a full day of hiking.

When going on city breaks across Europe in spring or fall, I also take the hiking pants (because I love their deep zip-closure pockets) but also a pair of straight leg pants to wear for dinners. In summer, I give up the hiking pants in favor of capri pants.

What style of pants do YOU prefer for your travel adventures?

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