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The Alprose Chocolate Factory & Museum is a must-see attraction for chocolate lovers visiting Switzerland.

Where Is the Alprose Chocolate Factory?

Located in the town of Caslano, the factory produces premium Swiss chocolate using traditional methods passed down through generations. Visitors can take a guided tour of the actual factory production area to see how the chocolate is made, then sample fresh chocolates straight from the production line.

The on-site museum traces the 200-year history of Alprose with historical equipment, memorabilia, and packaging.

Guests can also create their own chocolate bar from over 20 ingredients.That’s something I didn’t have the chance to try during my visit. Maybe you will.

The factory shop sells Alprose’s entire range of products, from their world-famous Alprose chocolate balls to chocolate bars infused with local hazelnuts, caramel, and more. I had to buy an extra bag to take all those chocolates home from Switzerland after my trip to Lugano and Arosa.

Beyond tasting and observing chocolate production up close, visitors to the Alprose Chocolate Factory & Museum gain insight into Switzerland’s culture and heritage of chocolate making. It provides an immersive, educational experience for all ages.


Chocolate Bunny Tin Mould

Hi, I’m the Chocolate Bunny and I want to introduce you to my mum (photo taken at a chocolate museum in Switzerland)

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