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Welcome to my collection of Swiss quotes with travel photos you can use for free!

Switzerland is one of the countries I want to visit again and again, even though it may not be the cheapest in Europe. Famous for its mountain resorts, its chocolate factories and its quaint lakes and towns, Switzerland is a paradise for outdoor lovers, free spirits, and travelers of all kinds.

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If you’re like me, you want to keep your Instagram and Facebook friends and followers up-to-date with your adventures. Here’s where a list of Swiss quotes, captions and sayings comes in handy.

If you need captions for your Instagram Switzerland photos, you’ll want to bookmark this Swiss quotes and puns list for later reference. To make it easier for you to find your ideal quote about Switzerland or Swiss saying, the list is split into several chapters such as Nature Switzerland quotes, literary quotes about Switzerland, Swiss cities quotes, and various Switzerland travel captions for Instagram images.

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Switzerland captions for Instagram photos & social media posts

  1. I’ll miss this Swiss bliss!
  2. Swiss cities, where life is slow and serene.
  3. Best wishes from Lake Lugano, this huge mirror for mountains and clouds
  4. Swiss bliss, sealed with a kiss
  5. With love from the land of lakes and snow-capped mountains
  6. The sweetest kiss from a Swiss miss
  7. Lovely Switzerland, land of dreams & chocolate
  8. Wonderful Switzerland, the country of lakes, mountains and cheese
  9. Cheese, chocolate, and views for days! 🧀🍫🌄 Absorbing all the beauty Switzerland has to offer.
  10. Validate me with chocolate and mountain tops. ⛰🍫 Finding bliss in the Swiss Alps!
  11. Hello from Switzerland! 👋 Just out here living my cottage-core dreams.
  12. Switzerland is for lovers… of cheese, chocolate, and epic mountain views. 🧀💕🍫🌄
  13. The hills are alive with the sound of cows with bells! 🐄🔔 Taking in the sights and sounds of Switzerland.
  14. Swiss sunshine and some serious Vitamin Sea. ☀️💦 Wish you were here to soak it all in with me!
  15. Sound of Music, who? I’m just here for the cheese. 🧀🧀🧀 When in Switzerland!
  16. Views and brews with my favorite Swiss crew. 🍻 Prost from Switzerland!
  17. Writing you love letters from Lake Geneva. 💙✉️ Thinking of you from paradise!
  18. If adventure has a name, it must be Switzerland. 🗻🚴‍♀️🏕 Always in awe of this magical place!
  19. The magic of Switzerland
  20. Love and Swiss chocolate for the win!

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What is the best nature quote for Switzerland?

Here are 10 nature quotes related to Switzerland’s beautiful landscapes:

  1. “The Builder of the Alps did not intend that men and leisure only should enjoy His fairest handiwork. The mountains and villages and lakes are many and close together… these grand rocks, storm capped peaks, and rainbowed cataracts are a sort of educators to higher life”. – Switzerland and the Swiss, by an American Resident (1875) – By Samuel Hawkins M. Byers

  2. “Of the excursions to be made from the little capital, none are pleasanter than that along the lake to Lausanne, Clarens and the castle of Chillon. All the way, are bright scenes of mountain and hill and lake. Vineyards, fairer than any others of the north, slope to the water’s edge from every terraced point. Pomegranates and figs and laurels thrive at places in the open winter air, while the mild climate and the soft, blue skies resemble Italy.” – Switzerland and the Swiss, by an American Resident (1875) – By Samuel Hawkins M. Byers

  3. “In early summer time, the pleasureseeking pilgrims come, to rest in peace and gladden Interlaken landlord’s hearts with joy. The village is a vast hotel with many roofs, with many kinds of fare, and many, very, very many bills.” – Switzerland and the Swiss, by an American Resident (1875) – By Samuel Hawkins M. Byers

  4. “Over thousands of years, large glaciers melted as temperatures rose. The melted ice formed Lake Geneva. The Rhone river, flowing down the Swiss Alps, feeds the lake. It branches off near the Swiss city of Geneva.” – Switzerland – by Derek Zobel

  5. “Going along the Birse, from Basle to Delsberg, a number of castle-ruins such as Dornach, Mochtenstein, Pfeffingen extend out on both sides, from whose ruined turrets the past seems to look down upon the luxuriant woods and green meadows.” – Gallery of the Celebrated Landscapes of Switzerland – Unknown Author

  6. “They depicted the view from its windows; splendid sweeps of mountains, snow-clad, tinged rose-flesh tints by the marvellous, magical kiss of the hidden sun; the lake glittering in the breeze, or dazzlingly azure in the afternoon calm.” – The Spell of Switzerland – Nathan Haskell Dole

  7. “The situation of Geneva is indeed magnificent. It is built on the hillsides bordering the termination of the lake and the Rhône valley, the swift current of that beautiful stream rushing out of the lake and under a series of bridges as it traverses the city.” – Switzerland: Picturesque and Descriptive – By Joel Cook

  8. “Masses of granite rocks weighing thousands of tons have been brought down by the ice flow from the distant ranges of the Pennine Alps, and deposited upon the limestone formation of the Jura mountains beyond Geneva.” – Switzerland: Picturesque and Descriptive – By Joel Cook

  9. “We went to Berne, the capital of Switzerland, then to Lucerne. Switzerland is simply a large, lumpy, solid rock with a thin skin of grass stretched over it.” – Mark Twain

  10. “We will enter Switzerland from France by the route over the Jura mountains, which makes probably the most impressive scenic approach. This railway crosses from Pontarlier almost southward to Lausanne, on the Lake of Geneva, the descent upon the Swiss side giving, in its many windings, magnificent glimpses of the distant Alps, spread out beyond the lake, and seen in the grandest array, all along the horizon from the Jungfrau to Mont Blanc.” – Switzerland: Picturesque and Descriptive – By Joel Cook

Almost all books and quotes about Switzerland praise the natural beauty of the country. Mark Twain praised it, Hemingway praised it, and even Ralph Waldo Emerson praised it.

It’s hard to tell which Swiss quote is the best. You’ll need to go see Switzerland with your own eyes.

Modern Switzerland surely lives up to its reputation, even though it is overall more expensive than many other developed countries in Europe.

I surely loved Lugano and the lakes, as well as Chur, Arosa, and other mountain towns and villages.

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Swiss Cities Quotes

“He may be one of those inferior-feeling Swiss who has lived in Bern all his life, who hates himself and the society in which he lives and can’t understand why anyone who is in his right mind would come to Bern… I like it well enough in Bern. It is a very beautiful town. Very clean. Well taken care of. Comfortable – if you have enough money to really enjoy it”. Bern Book: A Record of the Voyage of the Mind – By Vincent O. Carter

“The situation of Geneva is indeed magnificent. It is built on the hillsides bordering the termination of the lake and the Rhône valley, the swift current of that beautiful stream rushing out of the lake and under a series of bridges as it traverses the city.” – Switzerland: Picturesque and Descriptive – By Joel Cook

What is a literary quote about Switzerland?

I’ll give you only one such Swiss quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“If you go to Switzerland, take a trip round the lake of Geneva (Lausanne and Geneva); the two terminuses, which are endlessly entertaining and instructive for those who wisely seek nature, climate, society, rather than old walls and old galleries.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson – Journal entry, May 1833

What is the slogan of Switzerland travel?

“Switzerland. Get natural.” This slogan has been used by Switzerland Tourism, the national tourist board, in various campaigns. It emphasizes Switzerland’s natural beauty.

“Switzerland. Heaven on Earth.” – A tagline invoking Switzerland’s reputation for picturesque landscapes.

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What is Switzerland famous for?

Apart from staying neutral in all wars that shattered Europe not that long ago, Switzerland is famous for its tall mountains, fresh air, green meadows scattered with cows, delicious chocolate and watches. And cheese, of course.

To me, Switzerland is famous for its incredibly tall snow layers and its ski chalets where you can enjoy delicious fondue, whether you ski or not.

What is a famous quote from Switzerland?

“SWATCH. The others just watch”! I love this Swiss quote and tagline of this famous brand of time pieces.

Why Switzerland is called Heaven

Neutral, peaceful and gorgeous, Switzerland is Heaven on Earth, provided that you’re born there or you’re a wealthy tourist.

Swiss quotes and photos from Switzerland

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