Do you want to know what this and this and this look on the outside? Here’s the thing: an abandoned windmill, or a moinho de vento, as the Portuguese would call it.

The history of the windmill is quite uneven. It’s interesting how the windmill, known from ancient times, reached a peak during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, then declined in favour of steam turbines and other thermal energy converters. However, during World War I and World War II, windmills were resurrected again in countries like Denmark, Britain or Germany, because of cut-offs in fuel supply. Nowadays, wind power is once more gaining momentum, although it’s not used to grind grains but rather to generate electricity. There is even a science called molinology (I had no idea about this until yesterday) and an international organization that deals with related issues. The International Molinological Society (TIMS) was founded in 1965 in Portugal by scientists and other people interested in windmills. The next TIMS symposium will take place in 2015, in the city of Sibiu, Romania.

Portugal is full of these ruined windmills. A few of them have been transformed into hotels, like this one:

Moinho de Vento

Inside a Moinho de Vento which was transformed into a tourist accommodation. I didn’t sleep in it I just wanted to show it to you. The photo is from the website I linked you to above, so you get an idea about how to turn such a ruin into a cute, tiny home.

Moinho de vento - Portugal

Ruined moinho de vento in Algarve, Portugal. Buy it, put a roof over its top, bring some furniture in, install a door and you’re good to spend the rest of your life in paradise. You need not to have a big family, though, or you need to just buy a bunch of those mills to accommodate everybody.

Two windmills on a field

Windmills surrounded by blossoming almond trees in Pera, Portugal

Sunset with windmills and trees in HDR

Sunset with windmills and trees in HDR

Windmill and green bushes in Pera

I love HDR photography! Don’t you find it amazing?

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