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The Colosseum in Rome, one of the neighborhoods to stay in

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How many days is Rome are enough to call it a proper visit?

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This article tries to answer this question, in order for you to be able to plan your Rome itinerary like a pro.


I would have thought 6 or 7 days in Rome would be enough to cover the major tourist objectives such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, Fontana Di Trevi, Villa Borghese, Piazza Di San Pietro, and the Vatican.

crypta balbi rome national museum

Little did I know there were so many museums and so many other archaeological sites, monuments and churches in Rome! I spent one week in Italy’s capital city and I only managed to barely scratch the surface of this history-loaded European city.

Are There 6 or 7 Days in Rome Enough?

Depending on your interests, you may find 5-6 days in Rome to be enough. History buffs and culture lovers may need 10 to 15 days to visit Rome.

You can check out my custom self-guided Rome tours to see how your ideal Rome itinerary could look like.

30 Best Things To See in Rome, Italy

Even better, here’s a list of what I consider the must-see things in Rome, with estimations of how much time you need to visit them.

Castel Sant' Angelo in Rome

Make a note of the ones you really want to visit, add the times and see how many days in Rome is enough for you.

  1. The Colosseum:1-2 hours plus the waiting time
  2. The Pantheon: 1/2 hours plus the waiting in line
  3. The Vatican (with the Sistine Chapel): about 3-4 hours plus the waiting time (which you can avoid by getting a skip-the-line ticket)
  4. St. Peter’s Basilica: 30 minutes to 1 hour
  5. Borghese Gallery: half day, if you also include the lovely park surrounding Villa Borghese
  6. Castel Sant’ Angelo: 1-3 hours (I loved it and I spent about 3 hours inside the castle, but I’ve heard of people who visited it in as little as one hour)
  7. Baths of Diocletian: 30 minutes to one hour
  8. Catacombs of San Callisto and San Sebastiano and The Appian Way: 3 hours
  9. Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri: 30 minutes (the church is built inside the Frigidarium of Diocletian’s Baths, so you can visit the two objectives in one go)
  10. Baths of Caracalla: 1 hour
  11. Fontana Di Trevi: 20 minutes (open air, free access) – you’ll walk by it many times during your stay in Rome
  12. Piazza Navona: 20 minutes
  13. Piazza del Popolo: 20 minutes
  14. Spanish Steps: 20 minutes (these steps are in Piazza Navona, so you’ll visit both at once)
  15. Campo de’ Fiori: 20 minutes
  16. Church of San Luigi dei Francesi
  17. Basilica Sant Agostino & Biblioteca Angelica (30 minutes)
  18. Altare Della Patria (Altar of the Fatherland): Frankly, I didn’t like this huge building, so I didn’t bother to find out whether it can be visited. Apparently, it is open to visitors and most part of it is free of charge. Moreover, it features one of the best panoramic spots in Rome.
  19. Piazza Venezia: this is the square where Altare della Patria is. You’ll pass by it many times during your visit to Rome
  20. The Jewish Neighborhood: 3-4 hours
  21. Circus Maximus: 30 minutes
  22. Trajan’s Market: 30 minutes
  23. Area Sacra di Largo Argentina: 30 minutes to one hour (this area is right in Centro Storico, so you’ll pass by it multiple times)
  24. Roman Forum: half day to one full day (you’ll visit it together with the Colosseum)
  25. Ara Pacis: 15-30 minutes
  26. Ostia Antica: at least half day, as it is outside Rome
  27. Museo Nazionale Romano with its three museums, Crypta Balbi, Palazzo Altemps, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme: 4-5 hours, including the walking between the three)
  28. Trastevere, with the Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere – lovely neighborhood of Rome, worth staying in or spending the evenings and having dinner: one evening
  29. Gianicolo (Janiculum) Hill with beautiful panorama of Rome: 2 hours (considering that you start walking from the neighborhood of Gianicolense)
  30. Isola Tiberina & Basilica di San Bartolomeo Al Isola: 1-2 hours (or visit it in the evening and enjoy your time sipping cocktails and dancing to good music)

Isola Tiberina in Rome by sunset


What would you visit if you only had one day in Rome?

Before you go:

Have you decided on how many days to spend in Rome to call it a great trip?

Now read my next article to make sure you pick the best accommodation for you.

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